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News: BEA adding Web services to Tuxedo

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    BEA Systems next week will announce a web services enabled version 8.1 of Tuxedo, its TP monitor which began as an AT&T product before being passed to Novell and finally to BEA in 1996. To enable Web services deployment, BEA is building connectors between Tuxedo and the WebLogic AppServer.

    Read BEA adding Web services to Tuxedo and Tuxedo Web Services page.

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  2. Tuxedo will never die![ Go to top ]

    Oh God!
    Tuxedo will never die!
    I can´t believe!
  3. Tuxedo will never die![ Go to top ]

    You're damn right it won't. Would you hope for it to die?

    I just love Tuxedo. Better than any j2ee stuff - for the backend stuff. Servlets/jsp's/POJO's up front, tx down back, that's Enterprise Solutions for you!

  4. long live Tux[ Go to top ]

    Sure it is...
    I agree that a proper enterprise application should have a ligtning fast backend (c++, native database apis, native tp montoring apis) and servlet/jsp/struts/jsf/vb... frontend.
    It will be even cool if tux supports Web Services. It will be hands down job to convert current tux-only services to web services.
  5. words from bea consultant[ Go to top ]

    What did I listen from a BEA consultant?
    Move to EJB!

    What does tux do better then EJB? What about the performance? Did you do a performance test with both?
  6. Performance[ Go to top ]

    You want to compare C++ performance with EJB performace. Shall I say more?
  7. Performance & footprint[ Go to top ]

    Tuxedo is really lighting fast compared to EJB's. I don't have any metrics, but the difference is clear. Tuxedo's memory footprint is also a fraction of any EJB server (at least the memory-eater weblogic). The service model is a nice one, and the published services are nicely accessible from Java using JOLT.

    But if you don't have a platform and are selecting one, beware: tux developers are rare and the programming model is not always that simple. And I guess Tuxedo costs even more than WLS... If I had to start from scratch, I guess I might go for EJB's and JBOSS.