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    I'm using Weblogic6.1+Borland JBuilder7.0 to develop struts-based web applications. I found that I cannot access the ActionForm derived class from my stateless session beans(I'm trying to fill ActionForm bean with data in Stateless session bean). It compiles well, but when the Weblogic6.1 started, it would throw the exception of ClassDefNotFoundException 'org.apache.struts.ActionForm'.

    could anyone help me out?

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    Where do you have the struts.jar file? You web app should be packaged as a WAR file and deployed using WL's admin console. Within the WAR file, the struts.jar should be in the WEB-INF/lib directory. There shouldn't be any copies of this JAR anywhere else in your WL installation.

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    Besides the fact that its generally bad practice to reference web/servlet type classes in your EJB tier, there are a number of classloader issues that also make it very awkward. I'd recommend you copy your ActionForm classes to some type of model objects (using, for example, the jakarta commons BeanUtils lib) before passing to the EJB.