Map one CMP Entity to two tables ??


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Map one CMP Entity to two tables ??

  1. Map one CMP Entity to two tables ?? (4 messages)

    I need to map some fields of one Entity to one table and some fields of the same Entity to another table, is that possible ?

    Really thanks
  2. Depends on the container.

    Weblogic 7.0 does support this now. Previous versions did not.

  3. Sorry, I've JDeveloper 9.0.3

  4. Or you can use BMP
    Or you can create a database view, and map the CMP bean to that.
  5. We are having that issue with that currently since we have a very complex DB.

    The options that we are looking at are:
    1) Create a simplified view layer that is a one-to-one with the cmp and deal with the complexity on the DB side.. Also, alows you to alter the db and not hider the coding effort.

    2) maybe a combo of the above but, you can also use an O/R mapping tool like Oracle's TopLink to do just that..

    Hope this helps