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    I have few questions Abt LDAP.

    1) Can we access LDAP directory service directly through Java API's ?
           if Yes - How ? if No - Why Not ?
    2) LDAP protocol is NOT proprietory - True/False
    3) LDAP servers Implement the protocol which makes it proprietory - True / False.
    4) I have seen LDAP directory in weblogic 7.0 ,is it the actaul directory service ?
    This directory was not there in earlier versions of bea then where exactly we had been storing the resources.
    5)Which directory service websphere uses ?
    6)is actual directory service comes with application servers

    Your answers would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. You can access LDAP directory service directly using Java API's.

    Refer to javax.naming.ldap package in j2se 1.4.

    2. LDAP is just a protocol and its not proprietory. There are lots of implementations for this protocol.

    3. Yea, the implementations of LDAP protocol are proprietory depending on the vendors providing them.

    4. WebLogic Server 7.0 is fully compliant with the JNDI Specification - version 1.2.1 and can be used in production.In addition, JNDI allows Java applications in WebLogic Server to access external directory services such as LDAP in a standardized fashion, by plugging in the appropriate service provider. Weblogic doesn't have an ldap server but you can access them through JNDI from weblogic.

    6. Most of the applications server(those who confrom to j2ee specs) provide an implementation of JNDI api's which means that each of them have thier own directory service.
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    4) My understanding was the Weblogic 7.0 came with an embedded LDAP server.