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    I would like to know the difference bet HTML and Applet.In which user will have better control over the interface.


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    An applet is a java program that runs inside of the browser.
    The program is downloaded from the server.

    HTML - HyperText Markup Language, is the language used for browsers to parse and display webpages.

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    With due respect to everyone ; I guess that this is not the right forum for discussing these issues.
    Tim Lee
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    Hi Lee,
    I totally disagree with u.

    Everybody has right to clear his views.Everybody has to start from beginning and make strong base to learn any technology.If u dont want to answer the question,just forget it.I think the titile message tells u what kind of a question it is,so u can just skip it.

    Iam sorry to write this.But ur view,it discourages novice programmers.

    Please dont mind this.

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    I guess u have got me wrong.
    The discussion forums subject is EJB design and I feel the questions should be pertaining to that.
    As u can see this question is really off the subject and hence my reservations.
    There are so many discussion groups for other topics too ; where anyone can go and post his/her queries.
    Hope u understand
    Tim Lee
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    Hi Viji and Tom,

           Viji, thanks for supporting me. Tom, I understand what you are trying say. But both of you, didn't give any reply to the question.If you can, please help me in finding the difference bet html and applet.I have some points with me, but still i want to learn more and in detail about this.

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    Hi Aruna
       I will start with giving an example.

       If u click on this link ; it brings up an html page which contains a quiz applet; which is nothing but a java program that executes within the security of a browser.
       HTML is mostly static ; applet helps in giving them a dynamic feel.
       Its not possible ; explaining everything out here .I will suggest you buy a good book on java ; u can start with "just java" by sun press or any other java book.Then things will be clear to u..or else u can start with some book on internet ; so that u can get to know more about the internet before moving on to java ..as it will give u a better understanding.
    Tim Lee

  8. The main difference is Applet is a java program where as html is a mark up language.
    To run an applet a browser needs a jvm(java virtual machine),
    which one you cannot expect in all the brosers.
    but html is supported by all browsers.

    and in programming , they are totally different.