Our company has recently bought into IBM's WMQI message broker product. We had been a J2EE/Weblogic shop until the management decided to put their stake on IBM and EAI & all the "productivity increasing tools".

However, contrary to our (developer's) expectations of a JMS-enabled message broker, the line we have been getting from the IBM consultants is to go for proprietary ESQL based programming which fits into their WMQI programming paradigm. ESQL is a cross between Oracle Stored Procedures and VB scripting, as far as I can see (which is not much, I might add) ...

Yeah, sure they offer the ability to import Java libraries and even call external libraries via JNI, but all database access via managed connection pooling etc can only be done via ESQL and is not available for any external libraries.

Obviously, we are disappointed at the choices we have (which is none). Either we go with their ESQL approach & let them handle all the connections etc or we go with our Java library approach & go our own way with connection management.

My questions are:
1) How are people's experiences with the "tools" for the developer?
2) Specifically about WMQI, how are people's experiences with ESQL?
3) How easy / practical was it to build reusable code-modules (which could be called by several other projects & thus be reused) in ESQL? As opposed to a modular Java library?
4) How are the debugging features in ESQL?

I wanted a non-biased view of things & hence a post here as opposed to an ibm.* newsgroup ... which is where I'll be spending a lot of my time soon :0(

Thanks in advance.