JavaServer Faces EA3, Tutorial, & Public Review Draft Available


News: JavaServer Faces EA3, Tutorial, & Public Review Draft Available

  1. JavaServer Faces Early Access 3 has just been posted at, along with a tutorial and the public review draft of the specification. JavaServer Faces includes a custom tag library and a set of APIs for representing UI components and managing their state, handling events and input validation, defining page navigation, and supporting internationalization and accessibility.

    You can download the technology release, tutorial and specification here:

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  2. There's still one large "IF" statement to catch event originators. What a farce! C'mon Sun, you have to do better than that when Java developers like myself are competing against ASP.NET!! This is still just as lame as the last EA release, and I really hoped they would get their act together with this release. Unfortunately, this is a piece of crap compared to ASP.NET, and Java developers are still going to have the same headaches selling JSP over ASP.NET to management.
  3. Reuben, what about this EA or the spec itself is crap compared to ASP.NET?
  4. JSF Tutorial[ Go to top ]

    Its good to see the tutorial documentation provided with JSF. It enables you to get a feel of what it would be like to program it it.

    I think JSF is a good step in the right direction, but I still find the tags approach gives you unreadable HTML which is neither good from a web perspective or from a programming perspective. I prefer Tapestry's approach of keeping this stuff out of the HTML, especially when it gets complicated.
  5. Real tags[ Go to top ]

    If you need real custom tags comparable with ASP.NET check out
    our favorite:
  6. Real comparison[ Go to top ]

    If you need bla bla comparable with .NET check out

    forget the rest :-)

    real productivity burst!!!!!
  7. Real comparison[ Go to top ]

    I think Salmon/Sofia is much better compared JSF.
  8. Going back to NetDynamics?[ Go to top ]

    Hi all,
    This is the first time I have been looking to Faces.
    Web events, navigation definition,... this all sounds like the old NetDynamics, a Sun "deprecated" product. Are they regretted throwing it to the trash?
  9. You may not know this, but Sun has a product today that is like NetDynamics++, called JATO / SunOne APp Framework. You can just go to the update center inside SunOne Studio and install it. I've been playing wth it for the last month or so, and though the docs are thin, I really like it once I spent some time getting to understand the samples. It seems to already have all the things Faces is proposing plus more.
  10. Its Getting there[ Go to top ]

    Still a little rough around the edges and still needs quite a bit of work, but it's getting there, I personally think it's a least starting to pull ahead of Struts 1.0
  11. Design mode[ Go to top ]

    By the way is there a design mode for the web components in the JSF?

  12. JSF in design mode[ Go to top ]


    JSF components are based on JavaBeans, so you'll definitely get design-time behavior similar to what Swing gives you.

    Kito D. Mann
  13. Lotus is developing a J2EE RAD tool that it will use JSF for the creation of web-pages. If it will be simple like Domino Designer the cost of development for a J2EE solution will be much lower than the same on .NET

    Read: IBM expands J2EE application development tools and increases Domino and WebSphere integration