What's the best JDO implement of open source ?


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  1. What's the best JDO implement of open source ? (4 messages)

    I will choose a JDO implement to apply my projects,who is professional in JDO can tell me ?
  2. I haven't heard of commercial applications but I've understood that TJDO (listed at sourceforge.net) is so far the most comprehensive open source implementation of JDO. Jakarta/Apache has a project named Object/Relational Bridge (OJB), but it doesn't have full JDO-compatibility yet.
  3. http://www.jdocentral.com/
  4. Some JDO Open Source Projects:
    1.TJDO http://tjdo.sf.net
    2.Speedo http://speedo.objectweb.org
    3.JORM http://jorm.objectweb.org
    4.XORM http://xorm.sourceforge.net
    5.JPOX http://jpox.sourceforge.net
    6.OJB http://db.apache.org/ojb/
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    I've used TJDO and JPOX.

    The TJDO project worked fine but there did not seem to be a lot
    of users. One of the things that I liked about TJDO is that it
    has support for MaxDB (SAPDB) and HSQLDB

    Currently, I'm using JPOX 1.1.0 Alpha 2 with HSQLDB

    Note: there is a bug in JPOX 1.1.0 Alpha 1 which prevents it
    from functioning with HSQLDB 1.7.x