MyThreads titles nowrap => horizontal scrolling = bad


TSS feedback: MyThreads titles nowrap => horizontal scrolling = bad

  1. When look in My Threads, it's annoying to have to scroll from left to right because the table rendering the titles is too wide. That is so because the titles are not allowed to wrap. It's important to be able to see when the thread last changed, that's in the right-most column. I don't care about where the thread is located (discussion, patterns) nor the title of the forum. So how about changing the order of the columns, or allowing titles to wrap?

    I have a 19-inch screen so don't blame me :)
    And i think using "long" topics is not bad, if they explain exactly what the thread is about.
  2. Your wish is our command :)[ Go to top ]

    Hi Dieter -

    Good point. Try it now. There shouldn't be any wrapping in bad places.

    Thanks again,