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    I have a tiny ejb performance analysis application that deploys and runs fin on both JBoss 3.0 and WebLogic Server 7.0. It contains a single a single stateless secession bean called by a servlet and a remote client. However, I've been trying for a week to port the application to WebSphere 5.0 without success. While everything works for the remote interface, I've been unable to get a jndi lookup of the local home to work.

    While in JBoss and WebLogic both the remote and local homes have jndi names I can lookup directly, it appears that the only way I WebSphere supports a local jndi name is through an ejb reference. The complete application passes all of WebSphere's validation process. Everything (except the remote client) is packaged in an EAR.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? Places to go for help, etc? (I'm not eligible for IBM technical support)

    My jndi jndi lookups looks like this:

    // works fine
    Object r = ctx.lookup("ejb/carl/ejbLayer/PerformanceTestHome");

    // fails with NameNotFoundException: Name "ejb/PerformanceTestLocalHome" not found in context "local:".
    Object l = ctx.lookup ("java:comp/env/PerformanceTestLocalHome"); // fails

    From my web.xml (the ids are generated by WebSphere Studio Application Developer):

        <ejb-local-ref id="EJBLocalRef_1046893379016">
            <description>the local test

     From my ejb-jar.xml:

            <session id="PerformanceTest">
  2. Carl,

    I wrote up a little article just a couple of weeks ago that explains the problem. Not an answer to your problem though.