Application Server Matrix Finds New Home on


News: Application Server Matrix Finds New Home on

  1. TheServerSide is pleased to announce that we will now be hosting the J2EE Application Server Matrix which was formerly available on The 'Matrix' is a detailed listing of J2EE vendors and their application server products, with information on latest product version numbers, J2EE spec support and licensing, pricing, platform support, and links to product downloads and reviews. has generously donated the Matrix to us as they felt that TSS, the largest J2EE community, would be the ideal place to preserve and maintain this product listing.

    Every effort will be made to keep this listing up-to-date and accurate. Please report any inaccuracies or updates to matrix at theserverside dot com

    Check out TheServerSide Application Server Matrix
  2. Good job. Hopefully the Matrix will be updated more frequently than before. Also, is it possible to added a column called "Development Status", denoting whether the product is still being actively developed and marketed. I know such info is very very hard to come by, but if TSS has any inside info ... :-)
  3. It would be nice if TSS would host other matrix's. Would you consider hosting similar matrix's for servlet containers, jdo implementations etc?
  4. Joshua,

    We are planning on setting up a product directory in the near future that would list everything, including app servers, servlet containers, JDO implementations, IDE's, tools, etc. The Matrix is a step in that direction.

    Eric: Great suggestion. We'll be looking into obtaining 'Development Status' information from vendors and will add it to the Matrix where possible.

  5. Other Matrixes[ Go to top ]

    We are planning on setting up a product directory in the near future that would list everything, including app servers, servlet containers, JDO implementations, IDE's, tools, etc.

    Dont forget about DBMS matrixes :)

  6. Speaking about the matrix[ Go to top ]

    Now this is an example of a matrix I would prefer to see.
  7. Morpheus dixit:[ Go to top ]

    Sorry, couldn't help it:

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  8. Tomcat 4.1 supports JDK 1.4[ Go to top ]

    Tomcat 4.1 has supported JDK 1.4 as long as I can remember. Your matrix shows it maxing out at 1.3.1.
  9. Tomcat supports JDK 1.4[ Go to top ]


    Thanks for pointing this out. The Matrix has been updated to reflect this.

  10. Sybase EAServer[ Go to top ]

    Hi Nitin,
    I think Sybase EAServer has advanced too in terms of version. Its gone on to 4.1.3 and now 4.2.


    Prashanth D
  11. Hello,

    First thing that I've attempted to do it to sort the application server list by the price...
    What format is used to store the matrix? If it will be database based then the dinamicly generated presentation allowing sort activities will be not a problem.

    Thank you.
  12. Jonas[ Go to top ]

    The current Jonas release is 3.0 with a full EJB2.0 Implementation (including CMR). The home page is
  13. The current version of Borland Enterprise Server is 5.2, ant it runs under JDK 1.4 also. BES has three, not two versions: AppServer, Visibroker and Web editions.

  14. J2EE certification[ Go to top ]

    I'm very pleased to see the matrix under TSS as I hope this will lead to a community based review system.

    In my thesis I have found that the Flashline criteria
      1. were much to crude on API support (J2EE certification) on the one hand and
      2. lack common vendor extensions (thread pooling etc.) on the other hand.
    The "Reviews" section contained much more info than the Flashline matrix, but what you loose is the fixed structure that supports comparison.

    My evaluation matrix addresses these issues. For the first problem, I have tried to chop up the J2EE API compliance for the different tiers. For the second problem, I have added criteria on caching, clustering, benchmark performance, IDE integration, documentation, support, etc...

    It would be nice if you could reuse my evaluation matrix for a community based matrix. You could build a web form that contains "the most important" criteria and add it to the "Reviews" section of this site. Add an integrity voting system to that system and you've got a great community based appserver review system.

    Best regards,
    Pieter Van Gorp
    Lab On ReEngineering (LORE)
  15. Oracle v9.0.3 can use jdk1.4[ Go to top ]

    Can you update the server matrix as Oracle v9.0.3 supports JDK 1.4, just change the jdk that comes with it, This is part of Oracle's release notes.
  16. Why don't you create a simple api or web page where authorized vendor representatives can update the matrix? This will make it easier on you. This will be an almost full time job is you have to be doing all the research and updating yourself. You can come up with a web service system with DTD creation/updating where the vendors can update their product info, show current offers, link to press releases, etc. You can open source it and I suppose people will help you. The matrix web service source might serve others as well. It would also be good to be able to have presentation filter, so users can define what do they want to see, but this might not deserve the trouble of making it.

    Just some thought...