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News: Orion Application Server 2.0 Released

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    Orion version 2.0 is now available for public download. This version has all the features of J2EE 1.3, such as JSP 1.2, Servlet 2.3, EJB 2.0, Connector 1.0, client jars for remote and emdedded clients, and a huge number of fixes.

    Check out Orion 2.0.

    The new EJB 2.0 features will make it easier than ever to take advantage of third party tools. Full support for JSP 1.2 also means that it is now possible to use JSTL and the upcoming JavaServerfaces APIs. The connector architecture will enable the use of a rich set of connectors to a variety of legacy data sources. Orion version 2.0 also replaces the old Hypersonic database for HSQLDB.

    Together, these features gives you a full J2EE 1.3 compliant Application Server with extremely good performance for an affordable price.

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  2. I'm happy to see this, since I'd sort of given Orion up for dead when their development and public face dropped off the edge of the earth. (After becoming OC4J..) I would be curious to hear what people's experiences are with this release. I found that Orion used to be very solid, and then for a while, it became more problematic. Hopefully this release is a good solid release.

    My gripes are that their console is still "Alpha/Beta" code.. for a year or two.. and that they haven't gotten the orion-interest mailing list back up. That was invaluable for finding solutions to problems. Come on guys.. I'll host the list for you.. lets just get it back online!
  3. It's great[ Go to top ]

    Well, orion didn't become OC4J, they just licensed their stuff to Oracle. AFAIK they're two separate products now that started off from a common codebase.

    I've been using 2.0 for a while and it's a VERY solid release. While there are a few tiny problems here and there, I'm assured that they'll all be addressed quickly. Overall a great appserver that just works and outperforms most others very quietly without making a big fuss about it.
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    Perhaps there is a difference in terms. What I meant was that Orion was a product on its own and with a presence on the market when they, around a year and a half ago or so, licensed their current version to Oracle to become OC4J. At that point Oracle OC4J became a branch of the Orion product, and had many changes, enhancements, and other features added to it. Many of the Orion/IronFlare people worked on that, which led to a great delay in changes and enhancements to the Orion Server product itself.

    IronFlare seems to be picking back up, which is great. OC4J is still quite close to Orion in many respects.. from configuration and debugging, to general APIs supported.. but I would imagine their differences will grow over time.

    I've been working with the most recent JBoss/Jetty combination.. does anybody have a cross comparison between these two?
  5. comparison[ Go to top ]

    well for starters orion doesnt take 45 seconds to start up :)

    orion is a very complete product but still feels light, the download is also only a couple of megs
  6. Orion 2.0[ Go to top ]

    "Orion is a very complete product but still feels light, the download is also only a couple of megs"

    It is really a solid version to have got released.It has come in a time when we required a fast web container.

    We ran some sample performance tests on Tomcat , Pramati server against Orion 2.0 and finally Orion 2.0 is the winner. Web container performance is incredible and more than what we expected... cool stuff!

    Recommendation : Dont waste precious $$ ,when your scope of work is confined to Webcontainers only. Orion 2.0 or Tomcat if you dont have a demanding application would give a real value for the $s invested.

    -- Rob
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    Orion is very easy to deploy and not only has a fast web container (personally, I haven't worked with a faster one), but a very fast ejb container. I've been testing 2.0 for a while and while the tests are by no means exhaustive, this appears to be a very solid release. Word is that they are going to work hard on getting j2ee 1.4 compliance going. Prior to the whole Oracle thing, they were usually very fast at getting their product in line with whatever the current specs happened to be.

    It is very, very easy to download, install, and configure. Someone was asking about any comparisons with the latest JBoss (I am assuming here 3.2 RC3). I've been quite impressed with that release and have enjoyed working with it but I like Orion's web container far better than JBoss's (whether it is the jetty or tomcat release) and I like the ease of configuration of Orion as well. Orion has an excellent EJB implementation and I am looking forward to playing with the improvements in JMS, etc.

    Orion has a very solid set of companies around it that sell support (www.atlassian.com, www.elephantwalker.com) if you are interested in that sort of thing. Orion was my first J2EE product (used it since early-mid 2000). Since there are few, if any, graphical tools that you can use with the product, you learn both J2EE as well as the Orion specific configurations very, very well while using it. What's nice as compared to JBoss of any version, is that it generates all of the orion specific deployment files for you. If you need to tweek them, there they are, if not, don't!

    Give it a look. It is very reasonably priced - especially for what you get, which is considerable!

  8. Hope they get back to speed[ Go to top ]

    I am also a formed Orion fan and was very disappointed to realize that the Oracle connection literally stopped the development. Back then, Orionserver was the first choice for my personal development projects. I only hope the IronFlare guys get back to speed soon because today they get a lot of "competition" from the JBoss camp. It was a day-maker to hear about the 2.0 coming out. Keep those releases comin'!
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    I suppose the former core people (Avedal et. al.) were bought and swallowed by Oracle, and before leaving for the US passed on the IronFlare buck to their cousins back home. Those cousins had to get up to speed with their Java skills - thats why it took so long.

    my 2ct guess.
  10. whos in the boat[ Go to top ]

    Don't know about Karl in particular, but Magnus Stenman is definitely still there.

  11. Orion Update[ Go to top ]

    We hope to have the improved Orion Interest list up and running early next week.
    We do understand the need for a user community and we hope that OrionSupport and the forums at Atlassian has been a great asset during the downtime of the mailing list.
    Although we have been keeping a low profile we have been busy preparing the now public 2.0 version while juggling various political questions, J2EE licensing amongst others.

    We can verify that we are only working on Orion (regarding Oracle), our own server, now and for the forseeable future and our lead developer is, as always, Magnus Stenman.

    With regards,

    Magnus Rydin
    IronFlare AB
  12. ORION Rules![ Go to top ]

    Hey Orion guyos - as always, I am a great fan of the product and after suffering through WASD4 and others it is great to see the new release!

    The 2.0 release news was as earlier noted: "a day maker"!
  13. My company uses WLS, but I have always preferred Orion for my personal development. I have wondered whether all this WL configuration and tweaking is really necessary. Considering that most projects are not up to the scale of enterprise systems, most of these adjustable features are unimportant. I appreciate Orion's simplicity while still being so lightweight. The simplicity also encourages more efficient and effective development.

    Is version 2 much more stable than version 1.6? I have not yet had a chance to play with version 2, but I hope that at least this annoying bug has been fixed: when developing entity beans that extended value objects, version 1.6 would try to launch an EJB when merely creating an instance of the VO.