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EJB design: Call EJB Session Beans on WLS 5.1 from WLS 7

  1. Call EJB Session Beans on WLS 5.1 from WLS 7 (3 messages)

    A software package provided by a vendor software must run (e.g is only supported) on BEA WLS 5.1. We can build EJB Session Beans around them to expose them.
    The new Web Application architecture that will heavily need to use the above package should be built on BEA WLS 7.

    What I would want to know is, if we are facing any problems of calling the remote EJB running on WLS 5.1, invoking from the client running on WLS7.
    Are there problems if we use the different EJB containers talking to each other, in terms of EJB standards (1.1. vs. 2.0), or other interoperability issues.

    thanks for your feedback !
  2. I think, in a WLS to WLS communication, Weblogic does well with t3 protocol. However between WLS5.1 and WLS7 you might have to end up using IIOP instead of t3.

    We had a similar setup earlier where we had to communicate services on 5.1(Running EJB1.1 beans) from a 6.1(SP3)(Running EJB2.0 beans). We did not face too many problems expect for not being able to use collections either as parameters or return values [ IIOP would'nt understand collections ]

     Other than some messy code to return each value in a while loop instead of passing a collection, the environment worked with out any problems.

     Now we have moved both the client and server to WLS6.1(SP3) and use t3 instead of IIOP.

    .. Kiran
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    In addition,

    As far as I remember WS 5.1 should be patched up to SP12 in order to perform well with WS 6.0+.

  4. Oops I forgot to mention. It used to bring down both the WLS5.1 and WLS6.1 occassionally.

     Hence we moved to 6.1 on both the machines and things are more stable now.