ej-technologies Releases JProfiler 2.2


News: ej-technologies Releases JProfiler 2.2

  1. ej-technologies Releases JProfiler 2.2 (7 messages)

    ej-technologies has released JProfiler 2.2, an all-purpose J2SE and J2EE profiler.

    A fully functional trial version is available for download.

    New features in JProfiler 2.2 include:

    * a new session type for profiling Java Web Start applications
    * a new class-resolved real-time allocations monitor
    * offline profiling for scripted profiling runs
    * a profiling API for programmatically controlling JProfiler at run time
    * a completely reworked session configuration that is even easier to use
    * improved application server integration wizards
    * major performance improvements
    * IDE integrations for IntelliJ IDEA and Borland JBuilder 8
    * new application server integration wizards for Websphere and Sun ONE Application Server 7
    * many enhancements and usability improvements

    View the J2EE app server support

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  2. I just decided to give this a spin, since I hadn't used a good profiler in a while. I tried it stand alone first, figuring it would be the easiest way to get going. I added my classpath and main class, and off it went. It gave a good view of objects created and execution time in the appliaction.

    Feeling confident.. I decided to attach it to OC4J (Oracle 9iAS).. It has a small wizard for that, and I pointed to my tree. It started OC4J up, loaded my app, and started profiling.

    No problems.. no strange exceptions or stack traces thrown. Looks like a nice solid product. I like the ease of attaching to the app server, and still being able to test stand alone code quickly. Good job on this one!

    (Did it help my test here? Sort of.. I found some code re-reading and re-parsing some fonts on one test.. though in my appserver based example, its mostly database blocked, so didn't help catch too many problems there. (Yes, I could trace below that, but really.. if 5% of the request is my code and 95% is db, I'm not too worried with the code.) )
  3. Looks like a nice solid product.

    It is. A very good and less expensive alternative to JProbe and OptimizeIt.

    -- Andreas
  4. Works with WebSphere fine[ Go to top ]

    I use it routinely with WAS 5.0/internal drivers and it works fine also. The 5.0 integration didn't work with the last version but it worked fine in generic mode in any case. Nice product. At the price, it's hard to beat.

    WAS Dev Team.
    All opinions are my own and don't reflect my employer, IBM.
  5. Slick and Intuitive[ Go to top ]

    This is cool...

    It has a slick and intuitive GUI, a very acceptable feature set and thier app server support is impressive.

    Also at a price lower than most of the other players are providing upgrades, its well worth a look before you upgrade.

  6. very nice[ Go to top ]

    Download, Install, Configure with my custom Tomcat installation in less than 1 min., add it as plugin to IDEA ...and go !

    It's very easy to get started, even if you aren't used to work with Profilers, the workflow is easy to understand and the help-system is a good startpoint for newbies.

    BTW, all Swing-programmers should take a look at the very nicely designed and snappy GUI, too (one of the few programs (including IntelliJ IDEA) using Swing working for me).
  7. I am also very pleased with this product. The look and feel is great, the interface is responsive, it has plenty of features, and the pricing does not kill you.

    I have been noticing lately that there are many great European Java shops that offer quality products with good pricing. Simply excellent.
  8. Thanks for all the nice comments; we will continue to make JProfiler even better. If you are interested in influencing the future development of JProfiler, use our support and feedback form to help us with your suggestions, please:


    Just for your information, as this has been mentioned before:

    The look and feel is the Alloy Look and Feel by Incors (see http://www.incors.com for more information). It is really nice and also very fast (partly thanks to JProfiler, of course ;-)).

    Hannes Kegel
    ej-technologies GmbH