Omnicore releases CodeGuide 6.0 IDE


News: Omnicore releases CodeGuide 6.0 IDE

  1. Omnicore releases CodeGuide 6.0 IDE (16 messages)

    Omnicore has released CodeGuide 6, a lean and fast IDE for Java and JavaServerPages with full support for generics. The new version features unique on-the-fly dead code analysis, support for Tomcat 4.1 and more.

    Check out Omnicore Code Guide 6.

    New in version 6.0:
    - On-the-fly reachability analysis and code inspections
    - Error resolutions
    - Support for Tomcat 4.1
    - TODO browser
    - Additional and improved refactorings
    - Code metrics
    - Improved GUI
    - New look and feel
    - many other enhancements

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  2. Commercial IDE vs Open Source IDE[ Go to top ]

    I am very surprised to see that some companies still sell Java IDE when developpers can use Open source IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans.
  3. Choice[ Go to top ]

    I guess people want choices, and have different wishes.
    How many people are SURE that THE editor of choice is:
  4. Eclipse

  5. IntelliJ IDEA

  6. Emacs

  7. Vi

  8. There is never THE ONE tool to use, is there (well, maybe VS.NET for those guys ;)
  • Choice[ Go to top ]

    There is never THE ONE tool to use, is there ...

    Oh yes there is :)

    IntelliJ is much better than any other Java IDE.

    I'm almost as productive as I was when I was coding Smalltalk.
  • Perhaps, but after using CodeGuide it's very hard to move to eclipse (even with all the gizmos)
  • Commercial IDE vs Open Source IDE[ Go to top ]

    After IDEA it's almost impossible to move to Eclipse.
  • Commercial IDE vs Open Source IDE[ Go to top ]

    After IDEA it's almost impossible to move to Eclipse.

    I'm a happy IDEA user as well. However, Code Guide seems to be very close to it (features and price of USD 398). I'll definitely check it out. It would be great if Code Guide could read IDEA project files...

    -- Andreas
  • Commercial IDE vs Open Source IDE[ Go to top ]

    nope, it cannot read IDEA project files. But it is very similar to IDEA indeed.
    However IMHO IDEA has a bit more features and is much more configurable. But most of them are common in both IDEAs. I think Code Guide is influenced by IDEA very much.

  • CodeGuide and IDEA[ Go to top ]

    I am an IDEA user myself, and tested CodeGuide a while ago, and I think CodeGuides real-time compilation technology is more advanced, as the code gets fully compiled on the fly. They also used to be (have to be due to the full compilation feature) better in error detection.

    IDEA used to be more polished with regard to the UI.

    Both are tools that can be well worth their money, even compared to Eclipse
  • Commercial IDEs are better[ Go to top ]

    Oliver, Oliver, Oliver...

    Clearly you have not used a real IDE. No offense to NetBeans or Eclipse, but they just don't compare to an IDE like Intellij. I use to use NetBeans and I've spent a good deal of time evaluating Eclipse and they are both fine IDEs but Intellij they are not.
  • Best Java IDE so far...
    IntelliJ IDEA is only competitor.
  • I have used IDEA for the better part of the last year and a half and loved it. But over the last 4-5 weeks or so I have made a full switch to Eclipse. CVS integration is hands down the best I have ever seen, and when you are working with multiple projects, Eclipse can't be beat. Eclispe is still lacking the little features I grew so dependent on (better template support, duplicate line, etc), but Eclipse was good enough to lure me away.

    And the memory requirements on my machine are much less now.

    But all in all, they are both EXCELLENT IDEs...

  • eclipse rocks[ Go to top ]

    I have been using eclipse for the last 3 months and I have to say, it is a great piece of work. Saved me so much time with its compile as you type utility and easy imports and code formatting along with a lot of other neat features.
  • eclipse rocks[ Go to top ]

    eclipse rocks and WSAD (his father) rocks much more.
  • Intellij Idea is too heavy[ Go to top ]

    Intellij Idea has quite nice features.
    But it is very heavy to use comparatively with omnicore Code Guide.
    Have any one tried with GEL .It is free and it is as fast as TextPad.
  • GEL! Anyone?[ Go to top ]

    Have any one tried with GEL.

    > It is free and it is as fast as TextPad.

    I just tried and when I pushed one button, it suddenly did exit or crash (without notice or error message). And that button was not the exit button. It looked good and worked very fast, but I give it more time to mature until I'll try it again.
  • Most of my team uses IDEA and some use Eclipse. We both salivate at certain features the other IDE has, and certain implementation of those features. But i would have to give the edge to IDEA overall. Eclipse 2.1 just now catches up to IDEA. There are actually only 2 features in Eclipse that i would love to see in IDEA, but there are many more features in IDEA that could be in Eclipse.

        I think Intellij and Eclipse users are very similar - hence the similarties and directions taken by the respective IDE's. However, i think the edge goes to the Intellij guys - the number one reason being that these guys are really setting the standard, while others are playing catchup. Yes, i know they (the IDE's) all take ideas from each other, but i still think they all look at IDEA and say, nice feature, lets do that too! I dont mean to diminish the features and good work the eclipse guys put it - thats also a great IDE.

        If these 2 tools ever merged, i think i would spontaneoulsy spasm. I havent tried CodeGuide, but i'm like "how can it beat IDEA"? is it possible? But i will give it a look.

        Just my point of view!