can 2 web apps share same session?


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  1. can 2 web apps share same session? (3 messages)

    I have 2 web app's that apear to the users as one. Since i don't want to make the users log in twice, they should somehow share the HttpSession object. Is that possible without re-build-and-deploy-ing the thing as a single web app?
  2. It Depends[ Go to top ]

    The J2EE standard states that you should be able to share sessions. Some App servers support this out of the box like Weblogic.
    Others do not. JBOSS-Tomcat claims to support it but I have found it to be buggy and not work correctly.

    Dan D.
  3. can we directly use http protocol,but not employ J2EE spec
  4. session is not belong to http spec[ Go to top ]

    sessoin depend on cookies;
    cookie is belong to http spec,but it's diffecult to share cookie(May be impossable).