SpiritSoft Announces Availability of SpiritCache 2.0


News: SpiritSoft Announces Availability of SpiritCache 2.0

  1. SpiritSoft has announced the general availability of SpiritCache version 2.0, the latest upgrade to SpiritSoftÂ’s distributed caching framework which now includes Traffic Optimization technology, Write-Through-Caching and JMX monitoring tools. SpiritCache is JCache-based and uses JMS for inter-cache communication, meaning that SpiritCache can runs on top of any JMS provider.

    Check out SpiritCache 2.0 and press release.

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  2. spiritsoft and spiritcache is what ? i have not used ....
  3. Straight from the marketing blurb:

    "SpiritSoft develops open-standard enterprise messaging-based technologies that enable dynamic business interactions across diverse applications and devices."

    and ...

    SpiritCache is an extremely fast,scalable (etc ...) enterprise caching solution - which is being used in production at number of large customer installations ...

    Rob Davies
  4. Pricing?[ Go to top ]

    How much? Any company without pricing on their
    site annoys me. They want you to eval it before
    their sales droids start needling you to buy at
    some outrageous price.
  5. ...and the price is....[ Go to top ]

    How much?

    The press release (http://www.spiritsoft.com/news/pressreleases.asp?id=36) says:

    "The cost of SpiritCache is $2,995 per CPU.
    An evaluation version of SpiritCache is available for download at: http://www.spiritsoft.com/download_files/abstract.asp?id=kit_cache20 "

    Nigel Deakin
  6. not clear[ Go to top ]

    when my director wanted pricing on spiritsoft cache they wanted us to buy the spiritsoft jms too or we could not get the discount and they charged for developer licenses like ten thousand dollars on each developer each year. so i don't believe a press release anymore.