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    I'm currently trying to determine which application framework best meets my needs for a J2EE project.
    Does anyone have comparison charts/documents between various MVC frameworks, including Struts and wakesoft?


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    Struts is the best. Go for it.
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    I recently saw a comparison of open source web app frameworks posted on the Struts listserv and Expresso listserv - you might check the archives there (posted april 4 if my memory serves me). A person evaluating frameworks for his own use compared Barracuda, Struts, Expresso and Turbine.

    [Of course, I should mention Struts and Expresso are not an either/or choice - since Expresso Extends Struts.]

    Also there is at least one other independent comparison under the Expresso documentation which was published there with the permission of the author.

    One key factor I would encourage you to look at is the size and activity of a framework's community - because a well adopted framework is going to be more tried and true as well as offer many other advantages. You'll find that both Struts and Expresso are the strongest in the industry. As of J1 last year Struts had about 1800 members and Expresso 4500 members on their listserv - both numbers are far and away from any other web app framework.

    Hope this info helps you.

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    "Wafer is a research project which compares the many open source web application frameworks..."

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