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    Hello everyone....

    Well can anyone suggest me a way of Caching the images....rather then being loaded from the File System...or the Database...everytime an image is requested.....for display on the Browser....

    Thanks in advance...


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    I'm a bit confused here. You talk about caching images but do you mean on the server or the client side?
    The web browser almost automatically caches images when you browse a site (to prevent long download times). This functionality can be disabled with HTML tags ,e.g. '<META HTTP-EQUIV="pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">'.
    Please give more information about your problem.
    Best Regards
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    Hello Henik...

    Yes i mean Caching at the Server....where i m dynamically loading the images depeending on each it would take a long time to load the image from the Disk everytime the images is to be dispalyed thats why ui m thinking to have a caching mechanism..i.e keeping the most frequently used images in the that everytime an image is not to be loaded everytime from the disk....