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    Sun Linux has been stopped. Sun will adopt commonly known Linux distributions for deployment on a range of Intel-based systems it is planning and will no longer offer its Sun Linux distribution. Sun has not yet disclosed the names of the Linux vendors they will partner with, but during a briefing they acknowledged Red Hat and SuSE Linux AG as leading Linux vendors.

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    It is interesting to watch Sun's strategy with regard to the growing Linux

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    At the moment, having fewer distros is an advantage. Sun's portfolio-cleanup is happening right before our eyes :-)
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    <quote>Sun's Mark Bauhaus, vice president of Sun One Java Web services, meanwhile, said the company with its new certification program for open source Java developers has extended an opportunity to JBoss to certify its Java application server as J2EE-compliant. "We&#8217;ve offered JBoss the opportunity to make sure their implementation is fully compatible. The ball is in their court," Bauhaus said.</quote>

    Sun puts ball in Jboss's court, give me a break already. They are obviously infatuated with Jboss since this was a linux story. My prediction is that we will eventually see the same press release from sun regarding Jboss as they are announcing today with linux. They stop selling there crappy software and start selling better software.


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    I'm not sure what sun software you are talking about.. but there is an awful lot in there. The iPlanet line of software has rolled under the Sun umbrella and has many very good components. The messaging server is quite good.. directory services are fast, and calendar is a good product. (Now..) However, I'll assume that you are talking about the application server, since you are refering to JBoss in here. I've used NAS/iAS in the past, which is the history of the Sun appliaction server, and it was truly horrifying. (Kiva's roots stayed around far too long..) However, my understanding is that the latest version is quite good, scaled down from the monster it was, and effective. I don't think its fair to relegate it to the crap bin.

    That said, I think it would be very interesting for Sun to be involved with JBoss as they are with Jakarta. They would provide developers to the team, and help JBoss be the RI for EJB standards. It would be great to have an open source and supported reference implementation for the EJB/JMX camp as we have with servlets and web containers. I just don't know how interested they would be with that.

    Perhaps their dropping of the in-house varient of linux shows a loosening of the "not built here" mindset? If so, perhaps they will work with more open source projects after this..