IBM to support Weblogic in Websphere Studio


News: IBM to support Weblogic in Websphere Studio

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    IBM plans next week to release a free plugin for Websphere Studio that will allow developers to test and deploy J2EE apps to BEA Weblogic. The move is intended to support companies with mixed appserver environments, but also to make it easier for Weblogic developers using WS Studio to switch appservers.

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    ****Editors Note - April 15*****
    The toolkit is now available at this link:
  2. And the ideal world looks more and more achievable!!!
    Write the app for one app-server and port it to another, if needed. Should see how this matched up with Borland JBuilder which, is sort of home-ground for developing apps for Weblogic!!
  3. I think Websphere App Developer is the best Java IDE out there and it's support of weblogic app server makes it even more universal.

    The prespective approach of the IDE is very innovative , I have been long supporter of the Visual Age for Java and the team repository. I wish IBM kept the team repository alive with Websphere App Developer. Currently I am using JDeveloper for a project and I have to say it seems to be a very viable contenter to JBuilder and WSAD.
  4. "Currently I am using JDeveloper for a project and I have to say it seems to be a very viable contenter to JBuilder and WSAD."

    Have you used JDeveloper for Swing and mobil development? Have you used other SOAP kits with JDeveloper?

    How many J2EE servers does JDeveloper support out of the box?
  5. JDeveloper answer[ Go to top ]

    Out of the box Oracle9i JDeveloper supports deployment to Oracle9iAS, BEA Weblogic and JBoss.
    In fact deployment to Oracle9iAS and Weblogic is as simple as one click.

    There are also how-to documents on deploying to IBM's Websphere and Sun's App server. Check out:

    And by the way Oracle9i JDeveloper also works with non Oracle Databases :-)

    About your question for Swing and mobile development. Oracle9i JDeveloper has a visual 2 way development environment for Swing and an extension for J2ME development. Check out the J2ME demos and how-tos at:
  6. Pramati already does that[ Go to top ]


    No big deal. In fact Websphere is pretty late in doing this!!

    Pramati Studio has been doing this (supporting other app. servers) for some time now. We find this one of the better IDEs for our development. Allows seamless deployment over a number of application servers.

  7. I admit WSAD in among the best,but it's eating up my computer's resource(1.7G,512M),I have to ask my boss to update it.
  8. Well, is the plugin released as yet? It was slated to release last week but the link is not yet up here.