redeploy an EJB + still refers to old EJB


EJB design: redeploy an EJB + still refers to old EJB

  1. redeploy an EJB + still refers to old EJB (2 messages)

    I am using WLS6.1 SP4.

    I am trying to redeploy an EJB with some changes, and the container is still loading the old EJB. However it picks up the changed EJB if I restart the server. The change that I am making is only inside the actual EnterpriseBean. Not touching either Home or Remote iterfaces. I also made sure that a different version of the EJB is not in the classpath.

     Has anyone encountered a similar problem ? Its really a pain to restart the server if I can do it with just a redeploy.

  2. Maybe the same matter[ Go to top ]

    I am using WL7.
    I am junit-testing a method which send a jms messge(Quene and asyn) in my session bean.And I run the test only once, but I am so surprised that My message-drive-bean receive message continuously and endlessly.
    I delete the ejb module and redeploy the module,no change;
    I reboot the computer,no change;
    And I find the jms store file MYJMSFILE STORE000000.DAT is changing all the time,this means that the sessin bean is still sending messages

    howerer, I do not know what to do with it.

    Has anyone encountered a similar problem ?
  3. Hi Kiran,

      Even faced the same problem.... The files which i as trying to update and access were present in classpath... When i updated the classpath... It started getting updated, without restart....As u mentioned that u have already modified ur classpath... Can u cross check once more...