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News: Jboss is Sourceforge's Project of the Month

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    Every month SourceForge.net picks one project, from among the tens of thousands hosted, to honor by naming it Project of the Month. This month JBoss was selected. JBoss
     has been a fixture on SF.net's top 10 most active projects for many months, and routinely has more then 10,000 downloads a day.

    Read April Project of the Month

    I am impressed by the sheer number of downloads. Over 2,000,000. With this many downloads you have to think that JBoss has been thru the ringer as far as testing is concerned. This gives you a good feeling that this appserver is rock solid. Can the comercial appservers compete with this kind of testing?

    I think with all of the recent news about JBoss I am finally coming to realize that appserver's are and should be a commodity. It is a good time to be a Java developer as our core infrastructure is free(JBoss, Eclipse, XDoclet, Ant, Netbeans, Webwork, Struts, Hibernate, XWork, etc.).

    To compete commercial appserver vendors are building tools to try and differentiate themselves from each other(WorkShop). They are building frameworks that tie you into proprietary solutions. What do you think of this? Is this good, ie healthy competition that will later become standards, or should the developers these days stay away?

    All we need now is a good Portal project to take off.(Jetspeed)


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    Am I the only one to become (really) tired about this JBoss brainwashing (3rd TSS entry in 17 days !!!). Is it also always needed to make JBoss events bigger than what they really are? When you write: "Every month SourceForge.net picks one project, from among the tens of thousands hosted [...]. This month JBoss was selected." you let suppose that there is a rigorous scanning of projects and a real selection. When I read on the SourceForge "Project of the Month" page the sentence "Interested in having your project be Project of the month. Here's how to apply, it's easy. [...]", I understand that there is a selection among a MUCH MORE LIMITED set of projects, the ones of that have been PROPOSED by their project leaders. Does this diminish the merits of JBoss? I don't think so, and please understand, this is really not my point.

    Now, if this "Project of the Month" announcement is significant in any way, I would propose that we talk about the fact that on the last 6 "selections", JBoss is the only server-side project based on Java, ALL the others are based on... PHP! THIS is something that would really be worth discussing here at TSS, hopefully without the usual "we are developping ***REAAAAAAL*** projects, the others are not" arguments.

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    Hi Bertrand, I'm also sensitive to having too much news about any one vendor on the homepage and try to filter out non-important posts. I let this one through because I thought it was interesting that a J2EE project got such recognition on a mainstream site like sourceforge, and from that angle I deemed this newsworthy.

    The purpose of TSS is also to bring any and all relevant J2EE news to our readers, so although we do filter non-essential news, we have to balance this with a duty to keep our members informed.

    Note that the 'tens of thousands of projects' is text was written by SourceForge and was cut and pasted from their project of the month page (by TSS' editors) because it was useful in in this thread's summary, it was not the words of the original author who posted this.

  4. Relax, this is J2EE news[ Go to top ]

    There have been times when there were many weblogic / websphere posts in as many days (if not more). Whats the big deal if jboss pops up in alot of threads here. I think the TSS has taken a fairly neutral stance. Enough with the whining about Jboss - its a real app server being used in many production shops just like websphere and weblogic. I consider coverage on it to fall well within the focus of this site...
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    Yes, it's enough JBoss now.
  6. Well...[ Go to top ]

    Much as I still think that JBoss is that-a-way and compliance with the EJB 2.0 spec is in the exact opposite direction, can't say I've noticed TSS to be particularly obsessed with JBoss. In all fairness, compared to the amount of hype generated by IBM, BEA or Oracle (but especially IBM), and the coverage this hype gets them from various sites, the JBoss team is actually tame.

    It's actually sort of funny how each of them claims to be the number one application server. Each of them is the most used, fastest growing, etc... according to its creators.
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    Just to give equal (or at least some) press to another open source EJB server that isn't quite as loud, OpenEJB.

    I received a great email from a user the other day which is a great indicator on the kind of strides the project is making. In typical OpenEJB style, I'll be quiet and let the user's words do the talking....

    -David Blevins

    For a long time, I've been looking for tools that would enable me to study J2EE technologies without a great deal of hassle or expense.

    I set up the following tools on my home machine in less than two days, and I was amazed at how easy it was to get OpenEJB to run.

    I easily integrated:

    NetBeans 3.4.1
    OpenEJB 0.9.1
    Tomcat Catalina
    mySQL Server and J/Connect

    After compiling and installing the HelloWorld bean as instructed in your documents, and installing the Session Bean with the OpenEJB server, I included the server classes in the NetBeans IDE filesystem in a few seconds.
    I had missed one jar file, and found which one by trace debugging the HelloWorld client inside of the IDE! I found that instead of selecting each jar file inside of the NetBeans IDE, I could just copy them to the already existing filesystem.

    I was able to trace debug the EJB and resulting client code inside of the NetBeans Integrated environment the first time! I bypassed the batch file Run It! section in the example.

    I am truely impressed - Hats off.

    Now I can study Bean Managed Persistence inside of the debugger. I am finishing a MISM degree, and working on a J2EE project for that, and this will come in great handy. I don't have to be a server administrator to get my stuff done now.

    Please pass this hardy thanks and congrats to anyone on the team that deserves a pat on the back. Also, giving an example in the manual for running the demo in a debugger would be nice instead of the RunIt batch file. It really hits home how slick, nice and easy this server is to set up.
  8. I recently did a search on some of the job boards and what I find is that absolutely no one seems to be looking for developers with Jboss expertise. I get a lot of hits when searching for Websphere or Weblogic but none for Jboss. If Jboss is all that some in this forum make it out to be , then how do you explain the absolute lack of demand for Jboss skills !
  9. I'm concerned of one thing. It seems to me that Jboss is actually trying to become what Microsoft is. They are all the time speaking about cool new features in Jboss. this is perfect. Also the fact Jboss is free and that lots of people testify that Jboss is rock-solid is perfect.

    I have one problem. Why can't they just comply with the standard, get the certification and be done with it ? And add as many new and cool features they want AFTER THIS ? Standards are in place for one huge good reason. Everybody must comply or have their own way.

    Does Jboss want to become "The New Way" of doing enterprise Java ? Just as Microsoft has "their way" of doing everything ? Does Jboss want to lead all their faithfull downloaders (and developers I suppose) in a direction completely different from the J2EE standard ?

    Jboss, I am fan of yours. Just pass the J2EE standard compliance test and continue to do the great job you have started.
  10. Well...[ Go to top ]

    Now now... somehow I doubt that there's any conspiracy there. IMHO it's more like lack of discipline. A lot of programmers (myself included), just _love_ to optimize. We love to reinvent the square wheel, in our very own optimized version of a square ;)

    And since you mention Microsoft, it should be mentioned that Microsoft too broke a lot more standards in the name of efficiency, than for their anti-competitive purposes.

    And basically I wouldn't mind JBoss coding their very own highly optimized framework. There are plenty of frameworks out there which aren't an implementation of any standard, but their very own thing. Cocoon, Struts, Tea, etc. Nothing wrong with those. Very useful things. People use those in real enterprise projects. If the JBoss team wants to code their own non-standard framework instead of a J2EE server... sure, please go ahead.

    But I'd like people to stop claiming they're implementing a standard, if they don't actually religiously stick to that standard. The standard may be illogical or downright stupid in places, it may be utterly inefficient for a lot of production problems, but... you either implement it or you don't. Bending a standard to suit one's own ideas is doing more harm than good: a standard for which 1000 incompatible interpretations exist, is no longer a standard at all.
  11. JBoss.org openly invites anyone and everyone to discuss JBoss J2EE compliance issues.

  12. Ok thanks. I'll be there to see what's up. After you fix your register page. I can't figure what to place in a field with no name, placed just under the username. Is that the password ? email ? It might usefull to give it a name so idiots like me who never understand things that are not crystal clear can register too.

    And no ofense, I didn't use Jboss in a commercial project but I would like to consider it. Unfortunately there might be customers out there, that won't want to hear about an uncertified product. I suppose I am not alone.

    Also I repeat, I do not complain about Jboss J2EE standard compliance, BUT OTHERS DO. I didn't say it has a problem, I said you might consider geting the certification and be done with these talks. And I don't have time to dig into the compliance matters of Jboss. Instead, as a developer, I would like those who pretend it is J2EE compliant to guarantee it for me.

    Don't get me wrong, I use in my projects lotsa open source stuff (mostly Jakarta) but when it comes about such a big piece of my web app as it's app server I would like to have a little more asurance than my friends talks.

    Thanks for understanding.
  13. email from Bill[ Go to top ]

    Hey everybody, sorry for the junk mail. Just wondering if you could cast
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     Thanks all, and sorry to bother you.
     Bill Burke
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    In fact, vote as many times as you have an email address!

    Rolf Tollerud
  14. Jboss 4.0[ Go to top ]

    Im really waiting for Jboss 4.0.

    "Our goal is to make JBoss a lightweight application framework where you can just bolt on any components or feature you want for your particular application."

    Currently - Jboss seems to have everyhing bundled into one HUGE package. Where does one start.