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    Hi Ranchers,

    I need your help with evaluating my online Servlet/JSP tutorial which I’ve developed for my final year project. Please note that this tutorial is meant to be very simple because it is targeted for *real* newbies. I was hoping that I would test it on BSc Internet Computing students at my university but so far I haven’t had much success; many students are very “allergic to Java” so they won’t touch anything that involves it.

    Types of evaluators I’m looking for:

    a) Folks who are new to Servlets/JSP so that they could try it out and fill in the feedback form
    b) Real gurus who will be able to look at the material and be able to critic it in a constructive manner. Remember that this tutorial is meant to be really simple.

    Thanks for your help in advance. I just need this information for the project report since I need to talk about the successes and failures of the project.

    Tutorial available here:

  2. good work.
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    i found difficult to navigate.. make it clear. content seems good