My Own Server on my Own machine Net Published.


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  1. I wish to have my own server on internet which will be running on jboss, on my own Linux System(can be MS 2000 as well).

    how can i do that, what all i need to achieve this task.

    let me put the question more clearly,
    (1) I have a server class machine, with me i have my application ready to be deployed.
    (2) My server is JBoss.
    (3) i don't have a published IP address.
    (4) I don't have a domain name.
    (5) The purpose of this server is not commercial, it will be for my
    personal use,
    I want to take ideas for affordable and best solution for achieving my desire.
    Any link or reference is fine, will be happy if any one can give me an professional approach in achieving this task.
  2. go to get the linux / win client signup for the free service get the client running then make sure your firewall/router directs all in coming traffice to the port jboss is running on 80 / 8080 what ever