TradeCity Announces RexIP AppServer v2.5


News: TradeCity Announces RexIP AppServer v2.5

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    TradeCity has announced the release of RexIP AppServer 2.5, a Java application server that implements the Java Servlet API 2.3 and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2 of J2EE, with clustering and JMX-based remote management support.

    Check out Rexip AppServer 2.5.

    Press Release
    TradeCity Announces RexIP AppServer v2.5

    Mar 27, 2003 - TradeCity today announced the commercial release of RexIP AppServer version 2.5, a high-performance Java application server that delivers outstanding, scalability, reliability, and manageability in any I.T. infrastructure.

    "According to Gartner, 60% of J2EE solutions need scalable JSP/servlet functionality, and don't need the added complexity of EJB," said Mr. David Wu, CEO of TradeCity. "We have responded to these mission-critical requirements with our cost effective RexIP AppServer."

    Starting at $650 per CPU for the standard edition, RexIP AppServer v2.5 offers many benefits of application servers that have much higher prices:

    J2EE 1.3 standard - Supplies the technologies included in the J2EE standard.

    Performance - Achieves speed advantages over other AppServers in standard benchmarks including optimized usage of JDBC connection pools.

    Reliability - Implements clustering with load balancing and fail-over protection using replicated, in-memory technology to ensure speed and reliability. (Enterprise Edition)

    Remote Administration and Monitoring - Enables real-time administration and monitoring of servers through Web and WAP with Watchdog alert functions. RexIP includes JMX administration to enable single-point management of multiple servers.

    Development Tools - Supports hot reloading and compilation of modified servlets without need to restart the server. In addition, RexIP provides web-based Deployment Descriptor Editor (DDE) for simplified application deployment.

    Technical Support - Provides technical support, product upgrades and other consulting service along with the RexIP product suite.

    Seamless Integration - Open architecture for performance tuning and tight integration with latest leading edge technologies such as JDO (Java Data Objects).

    "We are also undertaking a series of international benchmarking with brand-named hardware vendors and the results will be compliant to the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation" , said David, "this will demonstrate our price-performance advantage in the market compared to other vendors."

    "We are also working closely with the J2EE developer community and are very interested to seek feedback and comments on our product", said David.

    Visit and download the Developer Edition free .

    About TradeCity

    TradeCity is a company of excellence with over fours years of revenue history combing key factors such as technology focus and industry leadership. TradeCity is the only Hong Kong based company with its own R&D and technical support with unparallel insider J2EE expertise even within China. Its flagship product, RexIP AppServer has an as much as ten times price performance advantage over competitors; and an about two times performance improvement when serving Asian content.

    For more information, please contact info at tradecity dot com.

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  2. Call me crazy but...[ Go to top ]

    J2EE 1.3 standard - Supplies the technologies included in the J2EE standard.

    Regardless of what Gartner says about EJB, it is not j2ee 1.3 standard if you dont support ejb, jms or the host of other parts of the j2ee spec.

    >"this will demonstrate our price-performance advantage in the market compared to other vendors"

    This is a big claim especially with very good free webservers out there. How will they beat a 0 price tag?

    Is there any reason why I would not just use Tomcat?
  3. RE: Call me crazy but...[ Go to top ]

    RexIP does support EJB. The CEO there was merely stating that a lot of projects don't require EJB.

    I've personally tested RexIP using Liferay Enterprise Portal (which has several dozen EJBs, complex CMPs, session beans, with J2EE web security, etc) and everything flies pretty well. I'd say it's one of the faster app servers out there for a good price.


    or for a demo of the app, see

    - Brian
  4. RE: Call me crazy but...[ Go to top ]

    Ah alright. If their product is full j2ee compliant (which I dunno) then his little blurb makes no sense.
  5. RE: Call me crazy but...[ Go to top ]

    They do not mention anything about EJB in the features list though
  6. RE: Call me crazy but...[ Go to top ]

    Hmm I'm thinking version 2.5 has dropped EJB/JMS/etc. That would make more sense with the CEO blurb. Anyhoo I've haven't the time or want to bother looking at this product. Unless an app server is a market leader or open source with a wide user base, it doesn't make sense for us to consider it.
  7. It's not so bad...[ Go to top ]

    Things might be interesting to sale some J2EE functionalities separately. For example, if I don't want entity bean, I could just buy an app server without entity bean "enabled", such app server is not a full J2EE server for sure, but it provides more flexility in term of price/license. Just my 0.02c.
  8. It's not so bad...[ Go to top ]

    Thks for the comments.

    TradeCity offers two editions: Standard & Enterprise. The latter provides full support for EJB, clustering and load-balancing etc for large-scale deployments.

    The evaluation copy for Enterprise edition is available for download.

    Look forward to your feedback.
  9. Hard to compete from JBoss and JRun[ Go to top ]

    They have great competition from Macromedia JRun 4 as well.
    Certified J2EE1.3 with JINI-enabled clustering featuer at $8xx US per CPU
  10. If it has EJB it must compete against JBoss. if it doesn't have EJB then it must compete against Tomcat. Do we really need another appserver?
  11. WebLogic is going the same route. Pay 600 bucks, get their servlet container. Pay more... get the rest.

    It's always good to have more options. The reason Java kicks MS butt is because there are plenty of alternative implementations.

    Pramati does a j2ee 1.3 container, and as an Indian company, they can provide better support than WebLogic.

    RexIP is a company from Hong Kong, and can better meet the needs of Asian folks there.

    I'd always take more options than not... besides, if they're making money, someone is finding them useful. Let capitalism decide what whether there will be more app servers.
  12. resin similarities?[ Go to top ]

    there were once rumors that there existed striking similarities between Rexips and Resins code base (Resin is offered as commercial open source). Have these been completely refuted?

  13. Resin is not "open source"[ Go to top ]

    Just clarifying that fact.

    Resin's source is available to users, but it is still protected by copyright law and can not be used in any product without the permission of Caucho.