ScaffoldingXPress release v1.1; Struts v1.1 improved


News: ScaffoldingXPress release v1.1; Struts v1.1 improved

  1. baseBeans has announced the release of ScaffoldingXPress, a commercially supported version of Struts v1.1 that extends Struts with Standard JSTL, iBatis' DAO layer, and more. If you have been waiting and waiting for Struts v1.1 release or want combined benefits of Expresso and Scaffolding, this is for you.


    Press Release
    We now offer a commercial/supported version of our base ScaffoldingXPress library for enterprise web applications, including supported version Struts v1.1.
    It is based on integration of Struts, Standard JSP tag library, DAO, etc. It can run on and J2EE app. server that supports JSP 1.2, and has been tested on the top applications servers.

    1. Open standards based and open source.
    2.. Release and supported Struts! Includes Tiles and Validator
    4. Includes Struts with JSTL tags
    5. Commercial Support and Training included for FREE!
    6. Combines best features of Expresso and Scaffolding
    7. Open Source
    8. Money back guarantee
    9. DAO interface and db Layer implementation included
    10. Includes standard J2EE container authentication (user login, roles, et.c)
    11. Supports multi row display tag
    12. Supports multi CRUD
    13. Supports user events
    14. Object Oriented
    15. Uses accepted best practices
    16. Uses J2EE data source, better than Struts data source, works in console mode.
    17. Integration of several open standard projects with DAO
    18. DB Layer included from iBatis
    19. High productivity
    20. Simple to use
    21. Easy to buy
    22. A simple site license
    23. Makes your web application run faster!
  2. ????

    I just downloaded it.. no help, no sample, no explanation...

    .... waiting for more explanation on what to do after the download.

    I want my money back... :)
  3. There is a sample app and docs right there!
    BasicPortal w/CMS is built on top of scaffolodingXPress and has full docs.
  4. $895.00 for Struts ?

    I am not sure that it's a good idea.
  5. $895 for Struts v1.1 is very good idea:
    - managers might not allow you to use beta sofware, scaffoldingXPress is Struts 1.1 released, not beta!
    - this includes on-line web training. $895 for training is a good idea, fully refundable if you do not like it.
    - you get phone support. Phone support for Struts is a good idea.
    - Struts is kind of wide open, this has built in best practices, such as DAO. Struts does not come with DAO or security.

  6. I agree that paying someone to support an open source product is quite possibly a good deal, in that it mitigates risks.

    Do you provide update support - ie bug-fixing - for Struts 1.1, or just phone support? I don't want to disparage phone support - a team that's new to Struts could certainly benefit from it, especially for Struts 1.1 (there just aren't as many good examples and docs around for 1.1 as for 1.0 - as you'd expect with something new).

    But your "it's not a beta" argument - well, that's just silly. Using a tool built on beta software is no better than using beta software. Hiding a risk (use of beta software) from your managers is desperately irresponsible, and I really hope you don't mean to encourage that as a marketing strategy. Anyway, Struts 1.1 will go production release any day now

  7. "Best practices built in"[ Go to top ]

    "Anyway, Struts 1.1 will go production release any day now"

    RC2 is due out any day, the full release is still some time away. Hopefully shorter than RC1's 5 month lifetime, but still a step away none the less.

  8. "Best practices built in"[ Go to top ]

    RC1 was released about 2 months ago (Feb 23rd). It appears that the Struts team takes the label "Release Candidate" seriously as RC2 will be identical to the final release if no serious bugs are found.
  9. "Best practices built in"[ Go to top ]

    RC2 is due out any day, the full release is still some time away. Hopefully

    > shorter than RC1's 5 month lifetime, but still a step away none the less.

    It's only been 2 months since RC1 of Struts 1.1, not 5 months, and it seems to be very stable. So what makes you think that a full release is "still some time away"?

    (though I hadn't realise they were bothering with a RC2 step instead of just declaring RC1 to be a full release)
  10. ...i messed up the time scale[ Go to top ]

    I did mess up the RC1 life span. My Bad. The development team went into perparation for the RC1 release started back in Jan, I got it mixed. Sorry for the FUD.

    There will be an RC2 because a few changes have gone in that warrant another iteration. Just so the masses can get onto it and hammer it out making sure it hasn't grown any warts as a result.

    I say it's "still some time away" because the RC2 label isn't yet set, as it is waiting on some of the dependent components in the commons projects getting out the door.

    Some on the dev team are more than willing to wait as long as it takes to make the finest qualitiy releases. And then there's Vic & Co. getting in there trying to rev us up saying "it's stable enough, ship it!"... which is cool, but the final result will be somewhere in between now and "the fullness of time". Such is open source.

    People wanting quicker releases can do what Vic did a while back and offer up money to anyone that sends in a valid patch for a required bug fix. :)

    Or go with ScaffoldingXpress.

  11. Good News for strus user............
  12. ...[ Go to top ]

    I'd say Vic / baseBeans is biggest community supporter of Struts, but under appreciated is his ability to craft terms like "built in best practices".

    You can get all the components of this project for free, you're buying the support and corporate backing in this case. The "can only use released software" is just the default argument by most management to get around the fact the dont really want open source projects. Get a company like baseBeans backing the booty, and it's another story.

    The "must have released software only" is very flimsy. Anyone can cut a release at any time. It still comes down to a question of integrity of the developer group, it's just good in this case that Apache teams are typically very tight about their release quality software and process.

    But really, anyone can hack crappy software, put it on sourceforge and set a label against it saying it's a release version. It's all arbitrary, and like everything, it all depends on frame of reference. How many times have company's bought buggy commercial software?... too many times.

    Vic's just putting something out there saying Struts is currently super stable (which it is in all honesty), and he's putting a brand behind it. All good.

    Only drawback of this system is the apparent lack of leveraging the Struts nested tags. :P

  13. It's less ricky ....
    For one instead of Data Source in Struts, ScaffoldingXPress uses DAO, avoiding problems.
    I pave a 6 lane highway for Struts to be easy.
    Thanks for the kind words Aron,
  14. what do you mean by:

    < ScaffoldingXPress is Struts 1.1 released, not beta! />

    The guys developing Struts have moved to developing a commercial release ? That really sux.
  15. Struts isn't going commercial, BasBeans is just making available a product that is.

    RedHat put the POSIX thread library into their kernal and are now selling it. It's alpha in the kernal core, but they're selling it in RH9.
    Same deal.

    BaseBeans is releasing a commercial package which contains Struts's 1.1 rc1 code.
    If it breaks, b!tch to them, not to the Struts project. :)