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    Does anybody know html java utlillies or library that provides interface to create HTML objects such Table, Checkbox, Form, Radio buttons and may be output html text.

    I searched on the internet but couldn't find one.

    Any ideas, url or jars

    Thank you
  2. JOT Servlets Framework[ Go to top ]

    Try searching the internet for "java servlets framework".

    The JOT Servlets web site has links to several api's that do what you are asking about:

    Also check out the free JOT Servlets evaluation download. JOT Servlets allow you to work with normal HTML pages that interface with JOT Beans magically activated by the servlet controller. The is sort of the inverse of what you asked since the HTML uses Java Beans property values instead of having java write out html (which ultimately leads to hard to maintain web pages - same problem with JSP).
  4. ECS is a great toolkit[ Go to top ]

    I recommend the ECS to all developers I encounter. It is especially helpful if you choose to use Servlets for output and not JSP.
  5. Good recommedation !!!

    Thank you.