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    JOT Object Technologies has released JOT Servlets, a commercial Java Servlet framework for rapid app development using web pages and Java Beans for dynamic content. JOT supports a lightweight servlet API, a scripting langage and template system, etc.

    Check out

    The JOT Servlets application framework provides:

    * A lightweight object-oriented servlet API
    * Direct web page access to Java Bean values
    * Easy to use web page scripting language with JOT Templates
    * Fast dynamic web page composition from merged content
    * Flexible dynamic web page tables and lists using Java object collections, including JDBC ResultSets
    * Complete demonstration servlet applications

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    My opinion is that a framework must come out with something actually innovative if you want to SELL it. I don't see this at JOT.

    - MVC ? tons of others already proven to be rock solid in production.
    - template engine ? how is your template engine "different, faster, reliable, easyer to use" than Velocity for example ?

    Is there anything interesting else that JOT has and I didn't find ?

    Oh I forgot. prices. have you ever had a look on Jakarta or Sourceforge web sites ? Do you have something that they don't have for free?

    Nothing personal with JOT whatsoever.
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    That is why there are no replies here. What JOT is doing, I think, has
    long gone from developers interest. I admit, their product could be big value
    to the consulting companies which have to get to the product fast.
    In my personal opinion, under current environment where so many oper-source
    projects are available, persuading other to accept another proprietary APIs
    takes more than a good architecture. I dare to say it is "Brand".
  4. JOT Servlets Fill Important Need[ Go to top ]

    The development of JOT Servlets has required thousands of hours of several years of testing with a number or pre-release sites. Experience in the software industry shows that there is plenty of room for both freeware and commercial products.

    We developed JOT Servlets as a response to customers who found that the existing open source options did not fit their requirements. What we found is that some of the J2EE infrastructure is more complicated than necessary for website development and that this is actually holding back the adoption of Java for enterprise server applications. Noted Java language authors have made the same observation and there are surveys by market research teams finding the same results.
  5. needs a license[ Go to top ]

    from their website:
    "Note: The evaluation version is fully functional and free for evaluation and educational instruction purposes. The licensed version is required for all other uses. The licensed version provides the latest features along with full source code and technical support."

    Some may see this as an advantage, some as an disadvantage.
    Get what you need.