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    JMS error
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    sundarv varadarajan, Apr 20, 2003 [replies:1]
    Hi i m new to jms. i m using weblogic 6.1 along with jms. After configuring JMS,when i run my jms application, i m getting the following error UNABLE to resolve MYJMSQueue. Resolved:' ' unresolved: 'MYJMSQueue'; remaining name... What will be the error, and how to over come this exception Please help
     regards sundar

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    u have problem with ur JNDI setup
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      Well, i have configured based on the instructions given in Weblogic bible book. But i couldn't figure out the problem. please help ne to find
    out where will be the problem

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    Use your console to ensure the queue is in the JNDI tree. If not then ensure you've bound the correct name in the DD, if it is then check the name (and any JNDI sub contexts) have been specificed correctly.