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    Open For Business release 2.1.0 includes major new application functionality and framework improvements. The presentation layer architecture has been enhanced enabling a much cleaner and easier to customize ecommerce application. There are various application improvements in ecommerce, the Catalog Manager, Accounting (invoicing and billing), Facility/Warehouse/Inventory management, and others.

    New features and conveniences have been added to the Workflow, Service and Entity engines and to the MiniLang simple-methods. See The OFBiz Site for more information.
    In anticipation of the OFBiz Users Conference (tomorrow...), and because there is a ton of new stuff that people are asking for easier access to, we are finally doing another release.
    This release, version 2.1.0, includes a number of new features as can be seen in the release notes (either on the SF download site, or in the full release notes file on the web site). The most major things you will notice are the change to use JPublish/FreeMarker/BeanShell along with the ControlServlet instead of the JSP/Regions. This provides a cleaner separation of logic and presentation and makes maintenance and updates easier in general. There are also various addition to the applications and the framework.
    Tomcat is no longer the app server included in the release. Starting with this release we will be using Jetty as the included/default app server, and it will be run as an "embedded" app server. It is still possible, and easy, to deploy OFBiz on the stock Jetty, or Tomcat, or Orion, or whatever, but it is easy to run everything for a demo or to play/test/whatever using an executable JAR that sets up your path and everything.
    Other good news on the open source platform side is that JOTM is now supported, and included as the default transaction manager instead of Tyrex. This is a great improvement and a long awaited solution to the stand-alone transaction manager problem.
    -David & Andy

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    The posted URL is bad. When you go to the URL, you get this:

    "You have probably reached this page in error.

    If you were attempting to reach a site that's domain ends in, it is likely that your browser is not HTTP/1.1 compliant. This may be because you're running a very old version of MSIE or Netscape.

    Please upgrade your browser and try again.
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    I can't upgrade my browser because I'm running the newest mozilla. :)
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    I see that this project used the iBatis database layer extensively. Any success/ horror stories using iBatis?
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    Hi David,

    Is it possible to only use the workflow engine of OFBiz?