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    When searching for CMP from the main page I'm given pages of results - wonderful.

    But the dates against all of these articles is todays date.

    What I'm after is the latest articles/news/patterns on CMP so I want to search on time.

    In the search results screen I'm noe presented with advanced search options, including the option to order by time.

    After doing this I get a list of news archives as part of the results, almost as though the sorting has been done by repository (news archive / discussion etc)

    The first result in the list covers WebLogic 8.1 and CMP - just what I'm looking for, but on selecting the link I'm placed into the news archive but there's no WebLogic 8.1 looking link in site.

    Presumably the links from the search page must be wrong?

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    Hi Aaron -

    There are definately some issues with our search (we are just using HTDig). We are working on getting something a lot better soon.