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  1. Hi folks,

    I just finished reading couple of research notes about ARAD from Gartner Group. According to Gartner, ARAD (Architectural Rapid Application Development) tools are delivering major benefits for enterprises. What kind of experiencies do you have?

    I'm currently doing studies in this area and evaluating some softwares (like and I'm very interested in MDA. In my opinion, it's going to be or already is the "next big thing". Any comments?

    When interested, research notes are as follows:

    Tech T-19-0792, Jan 29, M. Blechar, "Architected RAD Tools are Delivering Major Benefits"

    COM-18-9804, M. Blechar, M. Light, "ARAD Brings Architectural Compliance and Developer Productivity"

    Easiest way to find them at is to enter the research titles in "search research".

    Best regards,

  2. hi,

    just to share my experiments with arcstyler and rational rose...

    The tutorial is great to start with, I was playing around with the arcstyler PIM model and Rational Rose UML and PSM ... I am trying to do a full fledged real application and see MDA in action. I will update you on my research.

    success story for MDA

    I will take a look into your recommended stuff...
  3. Hi Bhavgan,

    thanks for your tips! I've been working with PIM too and hope to accomplish something in very near future.

    Additionally I installed a new ArcStyler Community Architect Edition ( in another workstation. It's free and therefore fits better for student like me ;-)