BEA and Siebel Team up on Integration


News: BEA and Siebel Team up on Integration

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    BEA and Siebel have teamed up to support each other's Integration suites. They will jointly deliver solutions, with BEA supporting Siebel's Universal Application Network (UAN) out of the box and Siebel providing support for BEA's WebLogic Integration and WebLogic Platform.

    They are also teaming up where it comes to standards, such as: BPEL4WS, XML Schema, XQuery, XSLT, and J2EE Connectors.

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  2. Was there not a post a few months ago about how IBM and Siebel where teaming up? Got to laugh.....
  3. The laugh is on you :-)[ Go to top ]

    IBM and Siebel was for something else ... not adapters!
  4. The laugh is on you :-)[ Go to top ]

    Yes you are correct this post was more the about supporting each other integration solutions where as the IBM story was about moving the CRM system onto Websphere,

    On a side note who can forget Siebel and Microsoft plan to tie Siebel to .NET,,t269-s2124211,00.html

    As for the laugh being on me, whatever man, whatever....
  5. The laugh is on you :-)[ Go to top ]

    Andy Flower appears to be a dumbA%%.

    Anyway, it looks to me that Siebel wants to integrate with everybody it can to ensure its survival.
  6. The laugh is on you :-)[ Go to top ]

    True. It is a tough market out there.
  7. Race Condition ...[ Go to top ]

    Dude, obviously you failed to notice the smiley (ie: the emoticon denoted by :-)) ... but then with a fake name like yours, I'm not surprised! So get a life willya?
  8. Integration Applications[ Go to top ]

    Siebel, SAP and PeopleSoft are driving the creation of new genre of "integration applications" and forcing infrastructure vendors like BEA, IBM, WebMethods towards web service orchestration standards. This is a plus for the customers. Has anyone actually seen a UAN process?