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  1. Problems with iPlanet Sample Applications (2 messages)

    Have installed iplanet application server6.0 on Win NT
    with Oracle. Having a problem running the samples applications for Pet Store.
    The deployment has been successful (Used the Deployment Tool)
    Some links of the Pet Store like shopping cart, main page
    are displayed successfully. Having a problem
    with the Sign Up page.
    When I click on the Sign Up link(http://localhost/NASApp/estore/control/signup)
    I get a message of "Page Not Found". Checked the .war file and the Sign Up page has been configured to the Login Form
    with the existing /estore/login.jsp page.

    Is there a way to verify the Login Form mapping to jsp pages has worked or not. Or any other means to debug

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Deepa

    1)Which port does IAS is listening ? if its other than
    8080 then specify to localhost:portnumber/
    (did you change the setting while installing ?)

    2)Did you had IIS installed on that machine ? which version ?

    3) check out nescape sit for running pet application


    sjain at imanage dot com

  3. Hi

     The fortune application is working fine and so
    are other pages of Pet Store (apart from the Login).
    Only the Login page seems to have problems.
    I am having the same problem with the Bank Login Page also.
    So seems to me that the Form-Login Authentication
    pages are having a problem. ( Get a "Page Not
    Found" error)
    Where can I look to find what is wrong in
    the <form-login-config> configuration.
    (I am using the iplanet deployment tool to deploy)

    To answer your questions -

    1> iAS is listening on port 10821 ( Am looking
    at the iAS admin tool to find this number). No didnot
    change the default setting.

    2> The iis web server is running on Port 8081.
    and it was installed when I installed iAS.
    So my url is http://localhost:8081/NASApp/estore/control/signup
    I get a "Page Not Found" Error
    http://localhost/NASApp/estore/control/main shows me
    the main page fine.

    3> Thanks for the doc link it was helpful