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    Currently, I am using Orion as web server and running with no problem but need to ask the following as my network administrator request me to change to Tomcat:

    1. Do I need to change a lot of coding in jsp and java files if I am told to change from Orion to Tomcat web server ?
    2. Are there any good reasons to change from Orion to Tomcat ?
    3. Which web server is better between Orion and Tomcat for Insurance Web Application ?

    Kindly advise soon.

    Best Regards,

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    You don't need to do any change in the jsp or java files to make them work with tomcat, unless you're using the UserManagers that are propietary to Orion.

    Between the two I got better performance from Orion, in all aspects. So for me there is no reason to change, besides that Tomcat is free and Orion is not (but it has a very, very low price). And it provides the full J2EE services (DataSources with connection pooling is my favorite while programming servlet-based apps).

    Also, at some time in the future you'll want to use the Transaction Manager that Orion provides, because the nature of the Insurance bussiness. I don't know if Tomcat provides one.

    I have to point out that neither Orion or Tomcat are web servers, they are Servlet Containets (with Orion being a complete J2EE App Server)

    Hope this help,

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    Ditto on that response.
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    I vote for Tomcat. If you're not doing anything specific to Orion you should not have any problems switching. Did the NA give you specific reasons for switching? Each of the JSP/Servlet containers are supposed to work the same. However, some vendors add unique features.

    If you're forced to switch give yourself some time to get familiar with Tomcat, get that latest and read the FAQs.

    Good luck
  5. Hi,

    well, there is one difference I know of. It will not be a problem for you if you are moving from orion to tomcat but the other way may be a problem.

    This is the fact that orion does not render all jsp code, if I remember it correctly it only renders scriplets with in HTML comment blocks. this means if you have javascript in the head of the html page you are using with HTML comment tags around it, you may have problems if values in the javascript are populated with serverside jsp code.

    I've asked Mike at atlasian, and craigc at jakarta about it, they both say they're following the spec, and they are, because the spec does not state detailed how this should be handled, but if I had to I would say tomcat is doing to much, then again I would say tomcats behaviour is the prefered one.
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    Event if you are using Orion purely as a Servlet Container,
    switching to Tomcat you'll lose at least the following:

    1. JDBC connection pool
    2. DB-based User/Role mapping
    3. load balancing via sticky HTTP sessions

    or you'd have to integrate 3-d party tools to enable this in TC