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    I see JMX MBeans as a ideal component form for certain complex components that cannot be implemented as EJBs because of the latter's restrictions, e.g., manual concurrency control.

    However, my understanding is that only few J2EE servers (JBoss, possibly JRun and Pramati) allow the developer to deploy his or her own MBeans in the server. My understanding of JSR-77 (J2EE Management) is that J2EE 1.4-compliant servers only have to provide JMX-based administration, but that an MBean server that would permit the deployment of custom MBeans is not mandated.

    Is my understanding correct?

    Does anybody know whether the big commercial J2EE servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, 9iAS) can soon be expected to support the deployment of custom MBeans?


  2. You can deploy MBeans in Weblogic 6.0 onwards.
  3. Websphere 5.0 supports custom MBeans
  4. MBeans on WAS[ Go to top ]

    Do this custom MBeans follow the SPEC or its proprietorial of WAS?
    Is there a way to deploy standard MBeans on WAS?