Sun Planning Catchup in the J2EE Integration Server Space


News: Sun Planning Catchup in the J2EE Integration Server Space

  1. Sun plans to release a revamped Sun ONE Integration Server by the fourth quarter. Currently, Sun has one server written in C and one in Java, but neither is J2EE. Sun is working to combine facets of its current products to build a pure J2EE integration server that runs on top of Sun One.

    Read Sun Readies Revamped Java/XML Integration Server.
  2. The article does not mention support for any of the Web services standards.
    Is the new server merely running on top of a J2EE app server? How will it
    program flow?


  3. ebXML support[ Go to top ]

    I believe it will support the ebXML MSH 2.0 and CPA/CPP 2.0, and I would assume the ebXML registry 3.0. As for other web services standards besides the WSI support of J2EE 1.4, I don't know
  4. I don't think Sun backs BPEL4WS, they are coming up with another standard. BPEL4WS is an IBM, BEA, and Microsoft thing. THey have a seperate JSR for flows.
  5. Yawn ...[ Go to top ]

    more yawn ...
  6. I think this is a good move by sun but is it going to be too late is the question? Will they be able to gain market share down the road once this product hits the streets. Sun may not be in the ballgame now but they may not be out of it yet either.

  7. Sun may not be in the ballgame now but they may not be out of it yet either.

    Sun has an amazing tallent for releasing some of the crappiest software available. They can't sell there crap, and often just give it away with thoese multi million dollar hardware purchases. It should shock no one when Sun failes to compete. Why is this even news?
  8. Why come into a merket of Appservers which is so much full of giants like
    jboss, bea , Tom cat ( for servlet engine etc), Resin, oracle, pramati etc etc tec etc etc etc ...........
    Sun should just concentrate on its hardware, make it cheaper by cutting cost of manufacturing ... Microsoft, Ebay, Dell, HP - Compaq, IBM, Oracle, CISCO - every damn big company run by level headed people has almost recovered from the tech shake, why not DUMB SUN?????????????????????? Get rid of half of your dumb managers (who mostly do nothing) instead of programmers (who actually do the work ).. it really is as simple as that .. people have done it and seeing results ...
  9. Sean,
    you sound like you know how to manage a company? Why not start your own company and then employ just programmers, forget the managers, they're just a resource drain.
    Free speech is a cool concept, unfortunately it breeds nonsense like this.
  10. I don't know, Sean seems to have the right idea ;)