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    Anyone knows if it is recommended to implement Business Interface in EJB 2.0 ?
    I was reading Monson-Haefel's 3rd edition of EJB book , and at page 463 it mentioned about the strategy of using Business Interface. However , the title indicates that this is an EJB 1.1 practice. It stops short of saying if using it in EJB 2.0 is recommended.

    Any experiences out there to share ?

    Thanks !
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    Yes, implementing Business Interface is still applicable in EJB 2.0. This is done more from the design perspective.Meaning if your Beans and Remote Interfaces both implment the business interface then anytime there's change in the method signature it'll be consistent in the Bean implementation(EJBSEssion) and it's remote interface(EJBOBject).

  3. Yes you can very much use the Business Interface in EJB2.0
    If you are looking for a possible implementation of it and how it can be put to use in combintation with other J2EE patterns , you might want to look at Beyond Service Locator Pattern in the Patterns section of this site.
  4. Thanks all. It's nice to get confirmations!