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    I just want to start a thread where people mention about the patterns they used often in their IT career.

    For me:
    1) Singleton
    2) MVC
    3) Command
    4) Facade
    5) Factory

    What about the J2EE space?
    Anybody want to share information about the patterns you used in the J2EE space.

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    The top 5 for me, from most used to least used....

    1) Factory
    2) Facade
    3) Singleton
    4) Front Controller
  3. I am not too sure about the intent of this thread but here goes my top 5 in J2EE

    1 Service Locator
    2 Business Interface
    3 Session Facade
    4 Value Object
    5 Factories for VO,SLSB services etc..
  4. Business Delegate
    DAO / DTO / DTO Dispatcher
    Business Methods
    Service Locator
    MVC / MVC2

    Not Necessarily in that order.