Deploying EJB in Weblogic Managed Server


EJB design: Deploying EJB in Weblogic Managed Server

  1. I have a problem deploying EJB and setting up connection pools in a managed weblogic server. I have an admin server and a managed server on a single machine.

    I have a sybase connection pool which is working fine on admin server. Now I want to transfer it to my managed server. When I change the target server, it is throwing resource exception saying it couldnot load the driver class.

    The same is the problem with EJB deployment. I am using a class "com.sun.xml.tree.XmlDocument" in my EJB. I have put the appropriate jar file in classpath. But when I try to deploy the EJB, the exception trace says it couldnot find the above mentioned class.

    I am using the same classpath for both admin and managed servers.

    Can anyone suggest a way out???

    Where do I set up class path for managed server?

    Thanks in Advance...
  2. shankar,
    2 questions:
    1 - Is the managed server started using a Node Manager ?
    2 - What version/SP of WLS are you running.
  3. Yes, Managed server has been started from Node Manager.
    The version of weblogic is 6.1 Service Pack 1
  4. Every node managed by the node manager has a classpath of its own passed to it by the node manager as the server is started.

    You need to set that in the admin console. This will fix the problem.

    Sorry of the delay,
  5. Thanks for your response.

    I have successfully configured the Managed server and its now running fine.

    Thanks for the HELP