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    I am trying to move all of our website static HTML and other contents, client scripts into a seperate Web Server machine which is using Microsoft IIS.

    > Anyone have done this before ?
    > How to forward http request to App Server from a Web server

    Many thanks

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    I have done it so many times, I can do it with my eyes closed :-) See this thread
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    Thanks for your reply. However, I cannot see from your suggested thread which can answer to my questions above.

    I read the WAS 5 install instruction. However,it does not tell me what to check and what to test if it is working.

    I am appreciate if you can help me to resolve this.
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    As I pointed out, I have done it a lot times but not with IIS. Still, IIS should have the equivalent of an Apache reverse proxy. You could follow that trail. Look for a reverse proxy configuration for IIS. My Google search for "reverse proxy IIS" yielded this page. Hope this helps.
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    If I understood correctly and if you went through IBM WebSphere 5 manuals ...

    1) Put the WAS 5 CD on IIS box
    2) Go to Custom install and select only WebServer Plug-in and install it.
       It will create <WAS_HOME> directories,registry entry and some entries on
       IIS default web site. Check it using IIS Console.
    3) Go to WebSphere machine and regenertate WebServer Plugin.
    4) Copy the regenarated WebServer Plugin Plugin-cfg.xml from WebSphere machine
       to IIS box.
    5) Restart IIS

    More information from WebSphere 5 InfoCenter and read it.

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    Hi Venkata

    Many thanks for your reply. I did read the info Center and could not find specific instructions for the step 3 and (kind of) step 4. Also, it does not provide instruction for verification of whether it work or not.I try to go thru it again today.

    I am appreciate for your help

    many thanks