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    I am looking for the difference between AXIS 1.0 and Weblogic 7.0 web services, which one is better?

  2. It really depends. If you already have a Stateless Session Bean Facade to the different modules to the application, then I would say the Weblogic 7.0 ant tasks to generate out the stubs and skels come handy. You can just point the ant task to an ejb.jar (containting the beans) and it will generate out the necessary type mapping info out.

    However I have not been too pleased with the generated out client side stubs. Weblogic offers no inherent way to use "existing" client object to map out to the ones that are generated. And obviously getting answers out of bea support is challenging.

    Axis on the other hand is much more "lightweight". There are some tools for code generation (wsdl2java i think) etc. I am not sure if it can map and leverage existing application boundaries like stateless session beans.

    My $.02
  3. If you have trouble with support, try the weblogic.developer.interest.webservices news group; it's generally monitored by the actual developers on the webservices team (as well as me, their manager).