Jahia Releases Open Source JDBC SQL Profiler


News: Jahia Releases Open Source JDBC SQL Profiler

  1. Jahia Releases Open Source JDBC SQL Profiler (2 messages)

    Jahia has released (under an Apache-based license) a JDBC SQL Profiler tool). It connects to the P6Spy JDBC logger and uses an integrated SQL parser to build statistics on the most accessed tables and columns and can generate SQL index creation files.

    Other information is also gathered and displayed, such as the request time for a single request, for a class of request, and for all the requests. Sorting may be done on these views to detect database problems efficiently.

    This tool can be very useful when you have a big volume of queries that you need to analyze not one by one (meaning that the specific time isn't that much of interest), but rather when you want to know what "group" of queries is taking a lot of time, such as queries on the same tables and columns but with different query values. The integrated SQL parser (built with ANTLR) is used to analyze the incoming SELECT queries.

    The Swing GUI was based on Apache's Log4J Chainsaw. Also contributors are welcome to test, make new suggestions, give their opinion and submit patches.

    Check out the SQL profiler here:
  2. Hi,

    has anyone been able to make P6SPY work with the SQL Profiler.
    It works fine with the file logger, but every time I try to switch
    to the Log4J Logger (following the sample P6SPY configuration provided
    by Jahia, and starting the SQLProfiler first), I get a Null Pointer exception.

  3. Problem Solved[ Go to top ]

    Jahia should add to their installation and usage guide that the sqlprofiler.jar needs to be in the libs of the web app, and that crimson is needed by the sqlprofiler.

    Sorry for the noise.