configuring weblogic deploying beans from remote client


EJB design: configuring weblogic deploying beans from remote client

  1. hello everybody,
        anybody can tell me ,how to configure weblogic server(evaluation server) in windows nt and from remote client we want to deploy beans into the server.
  2. Hi Murali,
       Follow these simple steps for installing and configuring weblogic 5.1.0 onto ur machine.

    1. install weblogic 5.1.0 under say d: (d:\weblogic)
    2. open a DOS prompt and go to this folder
    3. Open a file named setenv.cmd. There will be 2 entries by name WL_HOME and JAVA_HOME. change the JAVA_HOME property to point to ur jdk. eg. JAVA_HOME=d:\jdk1.2.2. Save this file and return to ur DOS prompt.
    4. run setenv. This will set the system properties
    5. run startweblogic. This will start the weblogic server. Just observe what is happening in the server console. Finally it will tell "Weblogic Server Started".

    Deploying from remote client:

    There will be 2 machines. In the first machine u've started the weblogic server by following the steps above. In the client machine,
        a. ensure that weblogic is installed
        b. u run the setenv.cmd file from d:\weblogic

    U've got the jar file which has to be deployed on to the remote server. Do follow these steps. Assume that the jar file is present in d:\weblogic\myserver\firstbean.jar

    1. open a DOS shell. run setenv from d:\weblogic
    2. execute this command:
         java weblogic.deploy -host <remote machine> -port 7001
         deploy <password for the server> system

    Kindly get back to me, once u've tried the above.

    (ahamed at aztec dot soft dot net)
  3. hi Ahmed Hasan ,

       Thanks lot for giving me replay.

      i am executed this command ,what you have send.
    but i am getting this type of error
    Connecting to <Local host>,port 7001...Error getting EJB manager-have you supplied a password?
    Error:class javax.naming.Authentication [null]

    i am connecting to weblogic console,what i have given its giving error.