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    I am a J2EE developer for the past 3 years, as a consultant worked on several projects with BEA, SunOne, WebSphere. Currently on a project migrating to J2EE/EJB solution from a servlet solution. My manager is really worried and wondering what other customers are doing today in the industry with Dynamo? Did they totally get rid of their Nucleus based JHTML architecture and move over to interoperable scalable portable J2EE solutions? Do they still use Dynamo schedulers for scheduling services? Do they use Dynamo's Personalization and Commerce Serve more compared to using it as an Application Server? I dont have real experience with Dynamo, but I didnt find it all that difficult to deploy J2EE apps. I found runDarina process little tedious, but otherwise, it works just fine everytime. I just wanted to know the thoughts of you guys out there, who have already had such an experience working with Dynamo 4.x series and upgraded to Dynamo 5.x series and took advantage of J2EE compatability.

    Would appreciate reply from you guys, thanks in advance. Please pardon if this is not the correct forum for this topic.

  2. Dynamo 5 still use
    > Scheduler
    > Nucleus
    I think ATG focus on selling the Commerce and Personalisation module. I think it is a great product.

    I think ATG will release version 6 very soon.