The Evolving J2EE Platform: What's New in J2EE 1.4


News: The Evolving J2EE Platform: What's New in J2EE 1.4

  1. In this article, Floyd Marinescu provides an architect-level overview of the major new features added to the J2EE platform. He looks at J2EE and Web Services Integration, provides an overview of EJB 2.1 (improvements to EJB-QL, MDBs, the new timer service), Servlet 2.4 enhancements, the new JSP 2.0 expression language, and discusses the new management and deployment specifications.

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  2. Is it me or is the link dead[ Go to top ]

  3. Is it me or is the link dead[ Go to top ]

    Works for me... good article!
  4. Same problem here. Empty page is returned.
  5. Keep trying[ Go to top ]

    The link didnt work for a couple of tries....
    Started working after that.
  6. Keep trying[ Go to top ]

    On a second note, this has been the behavior of the entire web site as such.
  7. Broken links?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Srikanth,

    Are there any other specific links on TSS that weren't working for you? If so, which ones are they? We'd like to fix them.

  8. Broken links?[ Go to top ]

    I don't think you have a broken link problem - instead, some requests return nothing. After testing, I've seen that repeated requests on the same URL sometimes returns what you want, and sometimes nothing.

  9. Broken links?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Nitin,

    It is NOT the problem with broken links. Entire site is having some major problems mentioned below:

    1. Empty page returns
    2. Try refreshing several times. We will get the content once.
    3. Open new browser, then we get the content.

    I have been observing that pages served by BEA, Oracle, Sun are coming fine. I have not seen pages served by Novell.

    AND I am able to browse the directory structures sometimes (not when the pages are served by BEA, Oracle, Sun). Sincerely I don't know which app server is serving these empty pages and directory browsing pages.

    But this need to be fixed immediately. May be beacuse of some configuration problems????

  10. Hi,

    I am able to see pages served by Novell also. Now I am unable to figure the problem. (b4 I thought it was due to some configuration of Novell)

    First of all, are you tracking and showing which app server is serving the page? OR is it just a rotating ad?

    If I type "", I am able to browse the directories (non-repeatable).

  11. Saturday morning 8:42 GMT

    Just come back on after giving up a hour or so ago because TSS just lept returning blank pages. This varied across the site and doesn't seem to be specific pages.

    When I reply to some of the discussion, some of them hang.
  12. Blank pages returned[ Go to top ]


    I was not able to replicate the problem - maybe I am not clicking enough :)))

  13. We've found it's a problem with the configuration of one of our HTTPD servers. We've stopped the problem in the meantime and are working to solve. Thanks everyone for your help.

  14. Terrific article, thank you.
  15. very good article but..[ Go to top ]

    I found this article very concise and informative. But the 2nd last paragraph seems to throw me off a bit.

    "Furthermore, plain Java classes can designate themselves as multithreaded or single-threaded by implementing the Javax.servlet.SingleThreadModel interface, just as a Servlet would."

    It is clearly stated that SingleThreadModel adds no benefit and is deprecated in j2ee1.4. That paragraph sounds like continuation endorsement of SingleThreadModel.

  16. J2EE Application Clients[ Go to top ]

    The spec says that the "application client container may be very light-weight compared to other J2EE containers", and apparently WAS allows the application client to only access remote EJB running on an appserver, not execute them locally. That would be a nice feature for batch job, to have the container and the client collocated in the same process.

    Are you aware of any app server that provides this feature ? maybe JBoss ?