JCP 2.6 Proposed: No more hidden community reviews drafts


News: JCP 2.6 Proposed: No more hidden community reviews drafts

  1. The next version of the Java Community Process (JCP) is now being developed under JSR 215 with 30 expert group members. This week, they announced their intentions of making the JCP more efficient and transparent to the community. Among the proposed changes, they hope to make community review drafts publically available.

    JSR 2.6 press release/announcement
    JSR 215: Java Community Process 2.6

    This is a list of the specific issues that this JSR will consider:

    1) Some JSRs may need to span Editions and therefore span the ECs. This JSR will consider defining when that is possible, and how that works.
    2) JSRs should be more transparent to the community, and it should be easier to tell when a JSR is working and when it is dormant. This JSR will consider requiring Spec Leads to provide a status report to the PMO on a regular basis, which would be posted to the web site for community member viewing.
    3) There is value to the Spec Leads to have two classes of Expert Group members - active members and observers. This JSR will consider ways to enable observer memberships to Expert Groups.
    4) This JSR would also consider giving Executive Committee members the right to assign a member as an observer to the expert group for any JSR that is assigned to the EC on which they serve.
    5) There is a mistake in the process document with regards to super-majority voting. This JSR would change the process from requiring super majority ballots to J2SE umbrella JSRs that propose language changes to requiring super majority ballots on any JSRs that propose language changes.
    6) In order to promote more feedback at the review periods, this JSR will consider changing Community Review to Early Draft Review and making it open to the public. Also, this JSR will consider removing the Community Review Ballot and replacing it with a ballot after the second public review, called Public Review Ballot.
    7) This JSR will consider setting minimum requirements for TCKs.
    8) This JSR will also consider requiring spec leads to deliver a TCK Coverage Document that will enable EC members to judge the sufficiency of a TCK.
    9) This JSR will consider moving the disclosure of TCK and other business terms to a point earlier in the process.
  2. JCP allready has a reputation, this will make little difference for anyone to try again to infulence.
  3. So, what direction would you like to see the JCP take then?

    Onno Kluyt
    JCP Program Office.
  4. Great! This is a positive move, better late than never.
  5. Make it more open to community, esspecialy if they are willing to code and test.

    Like open source is.
    Look at the JDO or JSF, they have not listeneed and will be embarasing to JCP.

    Look at Tomcat. Open to communit.
    Great for servlet JCP. JSTL, great.

    Remove vendor lock in.

    Add me to a JCP.