JCentric Announces Virtual Private Server Hosting for J2EE


News: JCentric Announces Virtual Private Server Hosting for J2EE

  1. With the introduction of its Linux virtual private server (VPS) hosting service, JCentric provides Java developers with the tools necessary to deploy applications and web sites using J2EE technologies such as Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs.

    With a VPS, a developer has root access to a fully functional virtual Linux machine that has its its own IP address, memory, and file system. A JCentric VPS comes preinstalled with Tomcat 4, MySQL, and a range of open source Java tools and frameworks. The JBoss 3 application server can be installed with a simple two click install process from a control panel.

    Hosting plans have introductory prices as low as $30.57 per month for a Professional account with 600MB disk space and 5GB transfer and $45.87 per month for a Business account with 1.2GB disk space and 10GB transfer.

    Please visit http://www.jcentric.com for more information.

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  2. Looks interesting[ Go to top ]

    There is a huge market for cheap J2EE hosting. This is just what the market needs!

    Musaddique Husain Qazi
    CEO & CTO, 5 Ants Inc
  3. Looks interesting[ Go to top ]

    As virtual hosting gets more mature on x86, I think this will have a large impact on the costs of running a webfarm...
  4. Looks interesting[ Go to top ]

    We've been planning this service since August of 2002. Our goal is to provide a service at a price point that is attractive to just about anyone interested in J2EE.

    I'm excited about going live with our VPS service. I've been a Java developer since 1997 and this is the kind of hosting I wish I had back then when I was learning and experimenting...

    Prices for hardware and the maturity of virtual private server technologies have come together rather nicely, allowing us to offer a very high quality service at a reasonable price.

    If you're interested in trying our service out, I can set you up with a trial account for a day or so. Just send me an e-mail.

    Take care,

    Clint Dalton
    President, JCentric Corporation
    clint dot dalton at jcentric dot com
  5. Some questions[ Go to top ]

    Is their technology based on UML?

    Can you install the software you want or are you limited to teh pre-installed packages (mysql, TC, etc.)?

  6. RE: Some questions[ Go to top ]

    We offer a virtual private server service that acts and performs like a decicated Linux machine at a fraction of the cost. Our service doesn't have anything to do with the Unified Modeling Language (UML), but I'm sure some of the many frameworks and tools that come preinstalled on our accounts benefited from UML (http://www.jcentric.com/packagelist.jsp)! :-)

    You can install anything you want on a JCentric VPS account, just like you can on a physical Linux server.

    Clint Dalton
    President, JCentric Corporation
    clint dot dalton at jcentric dot com
  7. RE: Some questions[ Go to top ]


    I was referring to User Mode Linux, not to the Unified Modeling Language. But I realized that you use Virtuozzo.

  8. RE: Some questions[ Go to top ]

    Doh! Can you tell I've been coding all day? :-) Yeah, when we were researching possibilities, we considered user mode Linux, but then we came across SWSoft's Virtuozzo. It's a great product and it provides a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to managing accounts, upgrading accounts to bigger machines quickly, etc.

    - Clint
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  10. Why JCentric?[ Go to top ]

    I have asked Google for "virtual private server"
    (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=22virtual+private+server%22) and got 12800 results and 10 sponsored links.

    I think that J2EE and VPS hosting are important topics for TSS members, but why JCentric is selected?

  11. Why JCentric?[ Go to top ]

    I would imagine that my company, RimuHosting would be somewhere within those 12800 results. Coincidentally, we also offer JBoss/JSP/Servlet hosting using VPS technology.

    I've noticed more and more hosting firms offering Virtual Private Servers plans over the last few months. That seems mostly due to Virtuozzo offering VPS technology (which it seems JCentric is using).

    However, there are also a few companies (like ours) using the Open Source User Mode Linux (UML) technology.

    Certainly for J2EE development, VPS accounts are nearly unbeatable (unless you're getting a dedicated server). Since they will allow you to install and upgrade all the components you need - database, Java libraries, app servers, etc. Much more than if you just have a private JVM (which is about all you get on the most advanced 'shared hosting').

    Hopefully, these kinds of hosting plans focussed on J2EE developers will increase the number of J2EE powered web sites out there. They may even displace a few PHP or ASP based websites, eh?

    Cheers, Peter
    RimuHosting - JBoss JSP/EJB hosting specialists
  12. Why JCentric?[ Go to top ]

    Certainly for J2EE development, VPS accounts are nearly unbeatable (unless you're getting a dedicated server). Since they will allow you to install and upgrade all the components you need - database, Java libraries, app servers, etc. Much more than if you just have a private JVM (which is about all you get on the most advanced 'shared hosting').

    > Cheers, Peter
    > RimuHosting - JBoss JSP/EJB hosting specialists

    I checked out your site and everything looks good except for the 64MB memory limit. You can't get much done with a java app server + database these days with less than 256MB (which dramatically increases the monthly cost).
  13. Why JCentric?[ Go to top ]

    Memory is one of the biggest issues in VPS hosting for Java. A machine is sliced and it's resources split, so you don't get many to a machine with 256 or 512MB allocated to each.

    VPS is still great technology but is much more economical for your standard HTML servers.

    Good to see some Java VPS services and I am sure 64MB/128MB will suffice for some web applications?

  14. Memory?[ Go to top ]

    Like Dan says, the VPS splits the machine resources, including memory (at least using UML technology).

    We don't overallocate memory on our servers (if we did, then the servers be swapping memory and performance would be terrible).

    Our base plan starts with 64MB. That's more than enough for most Linux tasks (web, email, DNS,...) But for Java, you really do need at least 128MB of memory.

    For what its worth, memory is the biggest limiting factor in our setup (vs. hard disk space and bandwidth - both of which are plentiful and cheap).

    I'm curious, Clint, how your plans handle memory. I don't see hosts using Virtuozzo advertising memory allocations with their VPS plans. Does each VPS get its own memory or not? If not, how do you control VPSs that use 'too much' of it and start impacting the performance of other customers on the server.
  15. VE: Memory? - JCentric's approach[ Go to top ]

    What sold us on Virtuozzo is the efficient way it manages resources. With its unique application templating system:
    - A shared application securely shares its memory footprint across all customers using the app
    - A shared application disk footprint is securely shared across all customers using it

    Virtuozzo doesn't impose limits like "VPS X can use 64 MBytes of RAM" but instead provides resource limitations in the form of resource management parameters. With these parameters, different virtual private servers can have "spikes" in memory usage from time to time without problems.

    We set a "maxed out" limit of 600MB of memory per VPS and we monitor average utilization per VPS. If a customer on average uses a large amount of memory, we can work with them to move them to a dedicated machine.

    So, to summarize, most of the normal Linux processes (sendmail, Apache, etc.) memory footprint is factored out of an individiual VPS's memory footprint. With this approach, much of the VPS's memory footprint is stuff a Java developer is interested in like classes and data...
  16. I used CWI Hosting for a while....but their support was very bad and the servers constantly were down. So the only thing I could do was rent an entire server from ServerBeach.com and host my own JVMs.

    Best of luck with your new service....there is a VERY strong market out there for Private JVM Hosting.
  17. Btw,

    does any one knows any open source for web based file manager implemented using JSP/ Servlet / MVC ???

    I do some research, and most of them end up using PHP, no idea why so popular in PHP but difficult to find one in JAVA TEchnology :)

    Anen Wu
  18. DO NOT USE JCENTRIC!!!![ Go to top ]

    I like many of you was loking for a good reliable VPS service and I believed the reviews I read on JCentric. What I got was the inability to launch my server, huge amount of documentation on everything but what I really needed including the names of the much needed DNS servers. Tech support was un-responsive for several days and I cancelled more that two weeks ago and ofcoure I have not received my money back and I suspect I never will. About the only thing I saw that was fantastic was the very expensive and all too sophisticated bill payment and presentment system. JCentric is all flash with very little substance. What the owners of JCentric fail to realize is that some developers are not just hosting opensource or pics of the newborn. Some of us make a living especially given the scarcity of IT work with whatever we develop and host and if JCentric has no back-up plan. You my little business owner are SOL!
  19. I had the exact same experience after 8 months of being with them. Their technology is very old (Red Hat 7.1 - at least 5 versions behind!) so patches aren't available, they have no concrete plans to upgrade, and their uptime has been less than satisfactory, even for a $60/mo service, in large part because their tech support is vitually non-existent. As far as I can tell, there are only 2 people working for the company in any measurable fashion, and they DON'T have 24x7 coverage, not even consistently during business hours!! It takes hours to days to resolve even the most basic of problems, all the while they lie to you about "checking diagnostics" (returning to the office from lunch) and cross-checking impacts (waking up before 9:30 am). Seriously, JCentric is playing ameture hour - go elsewhere.
  20. Response[ Go to top ]

    The owner of Jcentric doesn't care about any of you, and he has less ethics
    than Bill Clinton. He doesn't care at all about his business. A quote from
     him, "My clients who are using my servers are getting a great price. Why t
    he h*ll do they keep harassing me?"

    The owner of Jcentric conducts his own life as poorly as his business. He d
    ates several women at once, telling each that they're the "one." No morals.
      I'd advise you all to conduct your business elsewhere.
  21. My sincere apologies[ Go to top ]

    Many apologies for this statement, yesterday. The quote was an outright lie, and the owner really does care about his customers, and his business. I was drunk when I wrote the comment, and I did not intend to slander the company, which is run by a responsible individual.
  22. Yeah don't use JCentric.com[ Go to top ]

    I have been trying to track down Clint Dalton or contact anyone at JCentric.com since my server went down before Christmas (it's still down). the phone number on the web site doesn't work, emails get no response and the office building address they use has never heard of them. Sounds like a man with no morals or business ethic to me. Or just a con man.

    I have had numerous technical problems that they have been un-able or un-willing to fix, for someone who claims to be a J2EE Architect they know very little about servers and Java.

    I would still ike to contact Clint if anyone knows how since I want my money back and the last day's data backup. Thanks,

    The last comment is interesting, even though it's withdrawn there must be some truth to it