Harder times hitting the JavaOne conference


News: Harder times hitting the JavaOne conference

  1. If hotel vacancies are any indicator, attendence this year is likely to be lower than usual. However, there doesn't appear to be any shortage of vendors this year, except for IBM. An inquirer article cites market conditions and offshore pressures as a factor, but claims that these conditions SHOULD incite MORE people to attend events like JavaOne.

    Read Harder times hitting the JavaOne conference.

    TheServerSide.com will be providing day by day coverage of the Java One event, like we did last year.

    As an alternative, there's always TheServerSide Symposium on the east coast.

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  2. I'm going[ Go to top ]

    This is my first year and I'm looking forward to it. I have no problems if it isn't crowded this year. The hotel I'm staying in dropped the rate $10/night which is a first for any conference I've gone to.
  3. I'm going[ Go to top ]

    Me too, I'm looking forward to it. Looks like lots of good content.
  4. I was very sad last year as it was the first Java One I have ever missed. I am therefore looking forward to this year even more. The sense of community is always very impressive and I am hoping it is as strong as ever.

    I will definately keep my eye on TheServerSide symposium on the east coast as a possible future event to look at. Since I am located in San Francisco going to Boston is much more of a headache then walking down a few blocks to the Moscone. I did like the Convince your boss FAQ.

  5. If you want to get started with Web Start I have collected all upcoming Java Won 2003 Dev Pow Wow Talks in the Saturn Times - a Web Start only news site. Here's the line up (for links please check the Times):

    * What's New in the Java Plug-In and Java Web Start? by Devananda Jayaraman, Andrew Herrick, and Thomas Ng (Sun)

    * Java Web Start in the Trenches: Tips for Developing JNLP Applications by Glenn Vanderburg (Delphi Consultant)

    * Java Runtime Install-On-Demand and Update by Stanley Ho, William Harnois and James Melvin (Sun)

    * The Sun One Vending Machine by Peter Strarup Jensen and Behfar Razavi (Sun)

    * How to Pick the Right Java Pixie Dust to Make Apps Work Everywhere by Stefan Schneider (Sun) and Michael Barth (SAP)
  6. "$3,500 for plane tickets, room, board, and the 1900 dollar entrance fee are probably still in for a fantastic and _instructive_ week."

    First year I decided not to go becuase I find JavaOne _not_ instructive at all. The sessions are mostly PowerPoint and mostly targeted at new Java Developers. I might go to FlashForward Conference to learn more about action script using XML forms.

    I think that Java developer exerience is more like a bell curve in Java, where a few have 1-2 years experience but a lot more have 4-5 years of Java and a few have lots more than that.

    If there is less hype (lets all do EJB 2.1, yeah, yeah) and more techincal presentations, maybe next year. Also Java without IBM?
    If Sun == Java, then Sun == MS. The whole point is I could chose IBM, Bea, Oracle, or ...
    I say Java != Sun.

    ps: I also teach an online _advanced_ class.
    at www.baseBeans.com.
  7. Eclipse @ JavaOne 2003

    JBoss Two @ JavaOne 2003
  8. I'm looking forward to JavaONE. It's been a good conference for hallway conversations.

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    JavaONE TestMaker Beach Party
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